Egg Tokens! Please consider!

So this seems to be the right place to rant and rave about how we think things are unfair and unjust and just want to be heard… so that’s what I’m here to do. First off my issue is with the egg token missions. Never seems to be enough and those at higher levels trying to breed dragons like Icicle, Stormheim, or Rhyo seems to take breeding event after breeding event. This just doesn’t add up. Why put us through all that trouble to keep us making the same amount of breeding tokens a level 10 can make. I did a little math and the first part is pretty set in stone but the second is all based on probability so some might get lost. I’ll try to explain. Most of what is explained is mainly for those with elite accounts but does not fully exclude free-to-play accounts.

Basic math entails the following:

Between the day after a breeding event and the last day of the next breeding event there are a total of 30 days. In this time you have three different missions. One every 1 hour one every 4 and one every 20.

Every mission done everyday gives off a total of 1,600 ET(Egg Tokens).

24 easy missions = 960

6 intermediate = 480

1 advances = 160

For a total of 1,600

Granted that one over achiever sets his alarm every hour on the hour and completes every single mission including during his sleep and work period after 30 days he will receive a whopping 48,000 ET…

The average person accomplishes 1/4 of this daily due to a poll I took amongst one of my guilds. So 12,000 ET for those that do sleep and can’t whip their electronics out during working hours.

Okay so it is possible to make more as we all know but most of us only making 12,000 seems a bit steep when trying to breed Icicle for 231,000 ET.

The Events we have give off egg tokens as we all know and this helps all of us out a lot but have you ever taken a step back to notice just how much?

For those of you lucky to max out an entire event deplete yourselves of everything you worked so hard to horde around 2 weeks to a month(depending on PVE or PVP events) you are taking a whopping 11,165 egg tokens for the entire weeks work! This gives you a whole 44,660 if you can manage this every week! Get Real!

So after the original 48,000 ET for missions and the whopping 44,660 for wasting more materials during the event then you should have you now have 92,660…

Okay so your team is awesome and you always atleast get the fourth team achievement granting you a total from the four achievements a whole 1,200 ET… after four events you are taking home 4,800 for a grand total of 97,460! Oh yea you are definitely getting Icicle next breeding event! :thinking:

The average player brings home every week atleast 1 million in medals. Some bring home less others bring more but I’ll use this for our next step and this is where things start to fall more into probability.

1 million medals a week for the higher levels attacking at 5,000 medals per base (excluding double dragon usage or atlas attacks) leaves you at 200 attacks a week… Let’s throw in some wars because your team is badass remember?! So we throw in 7 wars a week excluding PVP events 1 war a day. This leaves us with a total of 800 attacks a month plus your 16 war attacks… okay here it comes…

With the average person attacking 800 attacks in one month and the 15% probability that a chest falls from each monument(So PG once claimed) you are guaranteed 120% per base a chest… (I crack myself up :joy:)

So lets take this and run with it! 800 attacks at a 120% drop rate per base(15% per monument) you receive a total of 960 chests bronze chests! On top of that you breasted the events and brought home every achievement granting you 2 bronze chests and 15 gold per so a total of 968 bronze chests and 60 Golds! Of course you didn’t pay any money for rubies or packs you did the entire event of the skin of your thumbs!

Bronze chests offer 1,100 ET at a 1.01% drop rate and 30 at a 71.01% drop rate while Gold chests offer 1,100 ET at a 66.68% drop rate(outside of breeding). So… you have a max chance of receiving 9.7768 drops out of the gold chests (let’s just say 10) and 687.3768bronze drops (let’s say 687) with one 1,100 epic bronze chest.

So 10 Gold drops at 1,100 gives 11,000 while bronze gives you 1,100 for the one and the 687 bronze gives 20,610. This gives us a total of 32,710 ET for the whole month.

Our grand total now stands at 130,110 ET between missions and events for all us high strung dragon riders hell bent on getting what we want… :smirk: Still gonna get Icicle next breeding event?

Throughout these 30 days for those in platinum one(just the perfect inbetween those below and above) we receive a total of 450 ET a day just for signing in. We will put wars aside for now because there are too many variables and no way to tell what wins and losses and how much was taken or earned… So all in all a total of 13,500 for a total of 143,610 ET for your max effort!

Obviously with Icicle sitting at 231,000 that just isn’t gonna cut it so for each event you saved every achievement rubies. You are sitting on 12,900 rubies a week for a total of 51,600. Do you really chance it all on chests? No you are a stud remember! You want to do 1,720 resets on your easy ET missions for a whole 68,800 more ET!

So you have a total of 212,410 ET… Well Icicle is 231,00 it’s now the last day of breeding and you have to wait til next month for another breeding… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

All in all there’s just no way I see this as a fair deal. You got a bum wrap and now you are looking down and upset at PG for the way they just got you. You pull out your wallet and swipe away in hopes of getting that last 18,590… you were the luckiest account in dragon rider history worked your ass off and to no avail you still had to pay for the remainder. Granted you made 212,410 ET but your guild only got 1/4 of what you made with 53,103. Some got lucky and had a little more but on average most end up with around 55,000 ET within this time…


Egg token missions run at 20,40, and 80 ET and 40,80 and 120 ET for elite members. So how about you make it possible for us to work towards earning more? You do it by using the Zepplin we already know and love! Just use the following scheme or vamp it in whichever way you see fit.

Give us an achievement to earn more in our missions daily after our first orange legendary dragon is bred(that is the magic tier isn’t it ie. seasons, ochre and so on).

Red tier: 20,40,80

Purple tier: 20,40,80

Blue tier:20,40,80

After breeding a legendary dragon on the following tiers let us upgrade the zeppelin(ET mission blimp thing)using rubies, eggs or even ET!

Orange tier legendary: 25,50,100

Green tier legendary: 30,60,120

Gold tier legendary: 35,70,140

Platinum tier legendary: 40,80,160

Sapphire tier mythic: 45,90,180

Garnet tier mythic: 50,100,200

Emerald tier mythic: 55,110,220

Obsidian tier mythic: 60,120,240

Harbinger tier mythic:65,130,260

Vanguard tier mythic/legendary:70,140,280

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Well your solution looks pretty similar to mine…but mine goes off of builder hut level and not specific dragon.
Also, i think mine is more reasonable than yours, 70 tokens x elite x 125% bonus ends up being 175/350/700 which is too much i think. I capped it out at 50 base, but i still wasn’t confident in that number being reasonable.

Either way take a look here.


In addition to what mech said, can you please remove the spacing in front of your dragon points? Makes the formatting hella hard to read.


I do agree but this solution I feel would add a little more to the game without making it to the point where overwhelms everyone by adding the zepplin in as an actual part to your base. Not so much where it can be attacked but it gives it more purpose. As far as the scaling goes I agree it might be a bit over the top but I was in no way trying to say that is what it should be it was merely an example for pg to look at and compare.

When did i say this? The missions would scale automatically when your hut reached a certain level, no upgrading required.
That being said, what’s wrong with leveling your zeppelin like your forge or your storage hut? Free event points during fort if you use wood for it :man_shrugging:

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I did but it changed nothing

No I didn’t say that you said it I was saying it’s be nice to actually make it a part. I was saying that I thought it be nice to make it a part and as you get those certain tiers to the dragons be allowed to upgrade it for the next tier of egg token missions but not to as far to actually make it where it’d be displayed to the attacker

This is a normal sentence.

This is a sentence with 4 spaces in front of it. 

This is me removing the spaces.

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Better? :sweat_smile:

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You do know that PG is talking about doing something like this already:

Of course, they are talking about having to use dragon eggs to upgrade the balloon, which would really suck. But we are hoping to talk them into tying it to the building hut level instead.


Well damn didn’t see this and now I spent all this time typing for nothing this is literally the exact same thing I just said :sweat_smile:



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