Egg Tokens: Sources versus Increasing costs

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Line chats are full of conversations regarding dragon/research increased costs and the lack of increases in egg token sources. However, Line cannot be seen by those who need to see it, so it was suggested that the convo be brought here.

The following commentary does not necessarily reflect my own viewpoints; this is to open the conversation here, to compliment the conversations happening elsewhere

Majority of conversations seem to reflect the idea that the egg token economy is broken, and that costs are too steep without increased source of egg tokens. Precipitating factors are the new research tier (costing over 2mil tokens, if previous tiers have been finished), and the new tier of dragons (which themselves seem to be a reasonable cost if considering the progression, but heavy overall without increasing sources of tokens and moreso considering research). It has been observed that costs continue to go up at large increments, but sources of egg tokens do not increase, or if they do, its at a minimal rate in comparison (for example, in the trading post, which remains out of reach for a large portion of the player base who do not have the extra sigils). It seems that there is agreement that the occasional reduction in costs based on tiers is helpful, but only barely touches the gaps.

Question: Is that felt across the board, and if so, what is the solution? Or, is it even a problem at all?

Solutions that have been proposed on Line include:
-increasing dragon backbreed availability/decrease backbreed cost, thus minimizing research costs overall
-increasing tokens in chests (not increasing the drop rate; increasing the amount being dropped) to scale better to player level, similar to what was done with lumber packs
-rescaling egg token rewards for league rankings
-“whatever it is, don’t introduce a new source that has an attached cost other than existing chest costs" (referencing the trading post or mystery branches)

So, what say you?
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I have to agree with the idea that the costs are excessively difficult to maintain or achieve. While I don’t feel I fall behind (yet) for breeding dragons - I do find that my research isn’t able to be maintained! I need MILLIONS of tokens to actually get the research done…and unless I spend several mortgages, I won’t be able to make this happen! I’ll post a more thought out response to this- but work started again today! :sweat_smile:


Im sure the Tokens and other stuff will fix itself if PG will finally rework the bronze/silver/gold chests which now have too many old useless things in it. We got this promised months ago same as rewards on team prizes @PGGalileo


Was also asked to note that while decreases in costs have reduced for tiers, there was no retroactive support for those who had already passed those tiers. Meaning players further along in breeding are out hundreds of thousands of tokens.


I think that was by design… they are discounted now because they no longer warrant the expense they were as new “top tier” dragons. The discount was meant as a catch-up mechanism not as a cost corrective measure…

But I agree research costs as far too steep.


I think this thread Mystic fragments is becoming useless in breeding has more accurate problematic analyzed .

In my point of view main problem is mystic fragments are now worth 200 tokens for the last tier with verdant parents .you get 3k tokens as legendary drop in gold chests which is equivalent to 15 mystic fragments , but instead you get 8 mystic fragments. This kinda broke the balance .

Consider that tiers below the last tier 1 fragment is worth less

Fair. But I think there’s also discussion to be had about egg tokens as a whole, not just frags. The 2 go hand in hand, absolutely.

Literally read this thread out loud to the team, and we are actively working on making sure we can find a way to shorten that gap. We have a lot of stuff coming up, but this is now officially on our queue.

Thanks for the thread making this so easy to pitch!


This happens with tier based discounting

Scaling by player lvl only hurts any sort of catch up mechanic

Already have league rankings getting exponentially more tokens as you progress. Possibly better sub-league scaling?

That’s part of the game

Regarding the scaling of chests, I don’t necessarily disagree with what you’re saying- If it’s done to excess. But if the scaling is done based on the breeding caps, it wouldn’t necessarily create more of a gap, would it? Similar to scaling for lumber packs.

Regarding league scaling- there should be separation for prizing across all leagues, as there is now. You should be rewarded for achieving a higher ranking. But the argument is that it hasn’t kept pace with increasing costs, which devalues the reward itself. In line with that, the argument was that it could be increased proportionally for all leagues.

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Here is the thing I think should happen. Cost should be consistent. The top tier should always be x tokens for a legendary and x cost for mythics. Then when a new tier comes out it gets discounted. That way there are no surprise price hikes. Everyone knows what to expect.

Prices really should not continue to rise like they are. It’s unhealthy.

And I am all for an increase to token (and timer) gains BUT. This increase needs to be across the board equally. Not by level. If you increase it by level you are making it so the lower levels not only have a huge mountain to climb, they are up against people who literally climb it faster by default. It makes catchup even harder.


In the case that dragon costs continue to rise- If the increases are proportional by level caps (by which I mean if, for example I am 435 and capped to breeding eldritch legendaries vs someone level 468 who can breed eldritch mythics), wouldn’t the scaling bring some equalization with your suggestion that the cost never rise at all but be reduced retrospectively? If I’m breeding a dragon that costs 252k tokens vs that player breeding one that costs 500k, scaling by level has some evening out, yes?

The economy is broken since years, either timers or tokens, most of times both.


I think the question for me is “Is research supposed to be only available to the players that spend?”, because at the current costs it certainly seems that way.

Secondly, I am of the opinion that everything (drops, and packs) should scale for reasonable progression at the tier directly behind end tier. All other tiers below will benefit in a built in catch up mechanic and the player pay scale stays relevant as they add new content. Moderate grinding should give players a chance to play at/near end game tiers once they reach that point, the same as moderate spending would. Although moderate would be entirely up to PG to determine :woman_shrugging: So yes, I agree that an increase in the amount of tokens available to be earned needs to increase.

Another item to consider are the Atlas missions vs. the Dragon missions. It would make far more sense to have items for main game progression be available in main game missions/quests and items for Atlas progression be available in Atlas. Now that there is a viable mechanic in the main game (dragon missions) there is the perfect opportunity to correct some of the imbalance between those with Atlas and those without… Add a cost of living increase and you’d have a great QOL and cost of living update.


I love this solution. This was done with black pearls not too long ago and its worked out really well, from what I can tell. I can once again work on my perch (if I want to :eyes:)

This solution would resolve several issues. :stuck_out_tongue:


For me, that brings up a good point. I think that for non-to-moderate spenders, you have to choose: breeding OR research. Can’t really do both. Is that a fair statement?


Absolutely. Research has turned into a luxury that you only do at the expense of progression imo.


Also it would be awesome to get more tokens from egg mission. What we get now it not enough as the new tier is way too expensive.


Expense sure, but not halt. You can manage both even in a low league without Atlas token amounts.

Agreed. I got blocked in gold tier research ages ago because I ran out of eggs and didn’t want to waste tokens backbreeding when I can progress instead. I think I worked out I’d need to lay out 30k tokens just to get through it to plat (where I have eggs) and while that’s not a huge amount by most standards, I’d rather spend 30k on a new dragon to keep my growth on track. Considering end game keeps shifting I don’t see me ever having “spare” tokens to get those gold eggs let alone future research eggs I’m sure I don’t have lol