Egg tokens used for events

Good or I gotta so I made a terrible mistake yesterday and was wondering if I could receive help so I can get points for the egg tokens used. My leader tagged us saying event was live and without checking I started to breed and used up all of my egg tokens pretty much in the process would there be any way that I could get my tokens back so I can redo my breeding or recieve points for what was used?

You used them before the event start or the event was live and they didin’t register correctly ?

If you didn’t check that’s your fault i think it was asked before and the answer was no. You can always try your luck by submitting a ticket to support and PM Arelyna with the number of your ticket.

If it’s the second scenario i beleive that PG is aware of this issue just submit a ticket and wait.

Yea I didn’t check at all I’m fully aware I’m at fault I’m just trying to see if I can get something out of t of it I guess

Submit a ticket buddy and hope for the best.

Edit: here is how in case you don’t know (credits all goes to @Lutrus)

Im afraid that’s on you for not checking that event hasnt started yet when you bred. :man_shrugging:t2:
It is like building early at fort when event hasnt started yet hence points will not count. Im sorry :pleading_face:

Why did u not check. First lol no one can steal ur eggs

Afraid ur leader screwed u out of event points

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