Eggs research combos

I need to know where to find the best combinations to get eggs for research from platinum eggs and forward all the way to obsidian eggs , please, let me know , thanks



It only goes up to sapphire , I need to go up to obsidian level though

Research only goes to sapphire i think

for what???

For builder hut

I strongly suggest you follow one of Red’s breeding paths. Those will tell you where you get extra eggs during the breeding process to upgrade your builder’s hut.

Rhyo+mafic= hedran back breed for obsidian eggs.

I specially need extra emerald eggs tu update my builder hut need at least 4 emerald eggs , maybe more

Breeding Apophet will give you Sapphire eggs

Haven’t reached emerald. But Red’s path will get you there

It would be great if you could post your dragons so that we can identify right pair. That being said, you can check the all Sapphire -Emerald options tab in Red’s Master Breeding paths and it’s easy to find one.

Only by breeding apophet will I be able to get extra emerald eggs to upgrade my builder hut?

He/she said sapphire

Is your base full of maxed towers for your level and you can’t level any towers up? If it’s not I wouldn’t waste egg tokens on trying to backbreed emerald eggs for your builder hut. I was stuck on those 4 emerald eggs for 6 months but eventually I got the eggs I needed. Just keep breeding and you’ll get them.


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