Ehhhh... So can I make some friends out of this?

So like… I’m always looking for some new nice friends, anybody is welcome. I will chat to whoever :grin::heart:

Oh, hi. Do you come here often?

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Mmmm… not THAT often. I’ve been on Xbox more than thus recently. What about you?

“All the other people you see online interacting with each other are all the same guy from kentucky called frank. living in his mum’s basement for far too lang and getting lonely”


You already did this…

Yep. I did.

Did it work?

Yeah. To a point. Nobody was a lasting friend though.

@moderators please move to off topic thanks

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:thinking:. This is an adult game and I believe you are a youngun. Please be careful with who you end up interacting with since there are predators lurking in this game. :sunflower:

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I had a run in with one earlier tonight. The whole league ended up farming him.

Maybe that’s a sign that this isn’t the proper place to interact with individuals :+1:


The entire basis of the game is to ‘interact with individuals’.

To put it differently, this game is not a good place for minors to seek friendship; the chat features are there to coordinate with teammates and ask questions.


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