Eldritch Tier Dragons - Spell Details & Review

First of all, I don’t have and have not flown any of these dragons, as I am not in Eldritch tier and won’t be for a while, unfortunately.

I hope to get some gameplay of some of these dragons eventually to review and share but until then, I wanted to compile my videos in one location just in case it helps a couple extra people find this information and reference it if needed.

These videos are just reviewing spell details and proposing possible ways to fly them, unfortunately they are just speculation as I have not experienced flying them so hopefully some people who have used and flown them can contribute their experience.




Brutus coming soon

Warriors Yetin & Caldur

Sorcerers Vexa & Glossia

Hunter Caeryss & Invoker Annelid


Thanks Shiv. You always be helpful to the community.

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