Electro Flak 25% Boost --- what gets boosted exactly?

Maybe someone can answer this… What exactly are you boosting with the electro flak?

The special attack or the supershot? Are these the same?

For example, dark flak… do you get a 25% boost in special attack power and 25% boost in stun duration? or just one of them?

For fire flak, do you get 25% boost in special attack power and 25% boost in damage reduction or 25% boost in damage reduction duration? Or 25% boost in destruction explosion damage or all of the above??

How about ice flak?

The 25% boost thing is pretty vague if you ask me… so some clarifications would be very helpful. Thank you!

Other flaks on the same 5 tower isle as the electro flak will receive a 25% supershot damage buff.

Supershot Damage, as stated in the OP of the announcements.


OK so damage only. That helps a lot. Thank you!

Dark Flak

  • Supershot Damage: Yes
  • Supershot Stun: No

Fire Flak

  • Supershot Damage: Yes
  • Damage Reduction: No
  • Passive Dying Explosion: No

Ice Flak

  • Supershot Damage: Yes
  • Spell cancel duration: No

Just supershot damage of nearby flak towers excluding itself


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