Electro Flak Questions

I get that it boosts flaks but is immediately?
If it’s all the way in the back on a Long Island, 2 flaks in the front on the first island of the long Island, does the dragon not have to be in range?
So even though the Flaks are far away but technically still on the same island and the dragon isn’t even in range for the electro flak the other Flaks supershots will still be immediately boosted?

I guess I just don’t understand what they consider an Island?
Because for a dark Flak or others, one of the islands on a Long Island is considered its own Island because you can add another dark Flak to the back island…You can’t add more then one to a single Island so that would have to mean they are seperate islands but is this not true for the electro Flak?

In the post about Electro Flaks it was said that a Long Island was considered an Island…Just wanted to make sure if it was all the way in the back it would boost all Flaks on both the islands on a Long Island.

I don’t think you finished your post there buddy :sweat_smile: :t_rex:

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Fixed it :+1:

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Electro only boosts flaks in the same 5 tower isle it’s on.


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