Electro Flak Tower Opinion

For those of you who watched the Twitch stream. What do you guys think of the the Electro Flak tower?

We don’t have the stats yet…

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But what’s your opinion on the overall description of it from the stream? Does it seem like a reasonably good tower?

No stats so no opinion


I think another Flak, that passive boost other flak towers, its just making any tower but a flak crap for offensive towers.

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Psst…here’s a link to the Twitch stream for anyone interested in checking it out! :tv:



I have only dark flaks on my short base, so for me it’s utterly useless.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the flak units are cannons rather than towers?


What does it do? Does it just boost other Flaks or does it attack too?
Minimal attack but mainly to boost other Flaks?

Someone was joking awhile back about a lightning Flak but I actually liked the idea lol
Think it would be cool to have a Flak that had a decent Electric shock maybe the super shot of being electrocuted drains rage some other kind of SS but also if on Island with Lightning towers makes them stronger, boosts them making them solid towers.
I’d rather it boosts a tower that needs it like lightning towers rather then boost other Flaks.

Honestly, I like the tower, however it’s really making the gap between spenders and non-spenders bigger and bigger since you can only get those embers through gold chests.

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Shouldn’t you know since it was on your channel earlier? :smiley:


No stats yet, so… this seems like a sorta premature question haha. :t_rex:


I think it is way to powerful at level 14, but complements other towers nicely starting around level 33. The real problem is the upgrade time is so much longer than every other tower. Looks good though.

Those aren’t stats, it just says what it does. We need to know how much it boosts the surrounding flaks and its damage amounts… like numbers lol. :t_rex:

Can’t have an accurate know-how of this tower until we know exactly how it will perform. Aka we need stats.


The towers come out next week. You’ll find out soon

Cool. I’m saying that we need those numbers to form a solid opinion on the tower, and until then, we don’t really know much. :t_rex:

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Either you’re psychic or you’re on the wrong thread. I don’t know which yet…


Well let’s summarize.

It does normal shots, it has a supershot with increased damage and has a passive buff for other flak supershots. No dragon right now has a resist for it.

And it’s a flak tower.

Yeah we really need to wait for stats bc flaks are the weakest towers in game and buffing super shots of those other weak towers won’t make it viable.


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Nothing faps like an ElectroFlak! :joy: