Electrum Bars chest drops

Is there any plan to release the Cosmic Orry line back for next Fort? Or is there some future plan to introduce the bars to the chest drops? Currently, if you didn’t grab enough last season, waiting til week 8 kills your base progression. Thx

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Next fort will be week 7, tower branch comes out at week 8. After that I think there will be 1 more fort. Breeding is the last event of the season.

Historically PG has said they’d do it when there are 4+ electrum using towers

Cosmic Mage

Use the merge system to get past the lvls that require electrum

Can’t merge an orrery though.

But planning ahead is a thing too…

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True, but the other towers can be.

So when is the release of the Orrery line this season? Is it the same time as the crystal in week 8 or sooner?

There is also the potential upcoming Orrery nerf to consider.