Elemental Barrier


I feel like a Noob asking this, but I can’t find this info anywhere. According to the spell description, the elemental barrier spell on Necryx is supposed to: "Prevent all damage from elemental attacks for 4.5 seconds. Heals up to 35% of Max HP based on elemental damage received. 2 second cooldown."
So what towers are considered elemental towers?? I thought it might just be towers built with elemental embers- but that would really suck because it’s only the flak towers. Then I remembered that lightning towers were considered elemental for the elemental mayhem spell… and I got really confused. lol Given that logic, you would think fire and ice would also fall under the category?
So I’m assuming it is fire, ice, dark flak, fire flak, and lightning? Can anyone confirm?


Those plus storm towers.


Elemental damage towers/turrets are: all flaks, ice, fire, lightning and storms.
Elemental Mayhem does not work on flaks even though we were assured they would when flaks were introduced.


lightning tower
storm tower
fire/ice turret
dark/fire flak

those are the current elemental towers we have inside the game


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