Elemental Embers in chests for all events?


Please discuss if this would be acceptable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Since PG has demonstrated they have the technical ability to give us several choices for any particular prize in events, it would be nice if they could extend that to chests. Otherwise, I agree with your proposal if mine is just too radical


You mean divine lines?
I was thinking on this idea a couple of days ago. I would like the option, but:

1-I don’t know how will be the effect for the 10x chests open UI. Do you have a button to chose the prize? What if something wrongs happens and the game crashes before selecting? Roll back?
2-This will screw the statistics (% of element obtained through loot boxes) therefore may be a problem for PG?

As for OP, I would like if they replace a current element instead of adding devaluating the other elements. In the case of gold they replace 30% buffs in example, or even half of it if that’s a problem.


I would be willing to open my gold chests one at a time or maybe say what I want (or don’t) prior to opening a batch of ten. I know I’m dreaming… just a check list or something to include/exclude might work?

Good to dream though


2 questions

  1. how would you like to see it affect the distribution of other loots during each event?
  2. do you trust PG not to PG it?

I would be pleased if the consolidated the fire shards, ice shards, and embers into one currency. Every time I get fire and ice shards I want to smash my iPad.


I assume this would be part of the "Fix Elemental Ember Economy"posted on 1/11/2019? Anyone holding their breath for PG to do something died weeks ago… War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives


I asked for it in one of the initiatives… last season I used about 100k of rubies and 200golds and only after that I realized that there are no embers in PVPs. So I was well prepared for PVPs, but also extremely pissed as I need tons of embers as almost everyone.


Edit: I will go on record as a player that opens his chests immediately regardless of the Event. With that being said, I am very a ya dude I have not had any Embers Drop in chests for the last 3 weeks, period

Edit #2 - I am a very active player *

Making Embers one currency is already in use because Flak towers are the Elements in its rawest form and they can be molded more effectively than shards.
Shards are Junior Highschool and Embers are college.
Welp, time for lunch.

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Try open at least 120 gold chest during fort, and complain to me if you don’t get any…

Before PG changed their mind and replace those embers with something else…

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