Elemental Embers & Tokens LOST in place of pittance amount of Pearls in Tanok Prize Branch

Dear PG and fellow players,

As per the attached table above, it compares the total of all prizes in a single branch for both dragons & riders in the past three seasons. The reason why I logged all the prizes amount is because it helps me to plan for my game progression & seasonal strategy.

I’m thankful that the one thing PG change in the past three seasons for the total prizes in single branch is gifting 3.3M rune dust compared to 300k rune dust (Refer Avyx (Winter) vs past two season’s dragon). It’s a notable positive change for all players & I’m glad that the change happened.

Comparing this summer’s rider Tanok branch to the previous Spring’s Oksana’s branch - 7,250 egg tokens & 3,000 elemental embers are lost in exchange for a pittance amount of 1,050 pearls.

As both Tanok and Oksana’s full branch cost the same (including discounted first 28 prizes) at 21,900 sigils, this discrepancy can be discerning considering:-

  1. Embers are becoming more precious material as more game changing towers like Electro, Fire Flak (and per the latest news from PG - other different flak towers are coming too) are being released.
  2. Despite a mere 7,250 egg tokens - it’s still something especially when I am a E2P player. No egg tokens amount is ever too little!
  3. Pearls are getting rarer for acquisition now (compared to golden period of Pearls) and to take 1 of the 3 perches in the game from level 1 to 30 to allow the defensive rider’s buff to take 100% effect - it takes a totality of 12,100 pearls (minus the lumber calculation of course). Let’s not even talk about the total pearls that you need to take level 31 perch to 65 yet (Pssst - it’s 63K btw). 1,050 pearls in those BIG picture of a SINGLE perch is really mehhh.

Proposed Solution

  1. Solution 1 - Reinstate both 7,250 egg tokens and 3,000 elemental embers in place of 1,050 pearls

  2. Solution 2:-
    2a. Up the number of total Pearls in branch line on the exchange rate of 1 Pearl = 1 Elemental Ember (as both materials are used to construct towers in fortification) which brings the total of 1,050 pearls up to 3,000 total pearls.
    2b. Retain the same elemental ember total amount at 8,200.
    2c. As I have no good exchange rate to base on to convert lost egg tokens to ember/pearl - I suggest to reinstate 7,250 egg tokens on top of the 8,850 egg tokens to the total of 16,100 egg tokens

  3. Solution 3 - PG can really help alleviate the Pearl shortage and amass more player goodwill by restoring embers/egg tokens to the previous season’s total (16,100 egg tokens & 11,200 embers) and throw in 3,000 pearls as an extra. This would:-
    a. Help new/existing players get their perch up to speed (maximise rider buff applicability) to buy-in current & future defensive riders
    b. Promote use/buy-in of more perches & flak towers
    c. Help the Sapphire wall a little
    d. Make more players happy as they wouldn’t feel like they missed something if they went for only a rider instead of dragons for those who can only complete a single branch per season.

The following is the new table for all the new solutions proposed above:-

Honestly, I appreciate that PG has taken the proactive step to partially address the Pearl shortage by introducing Pearls as prizes in seasonal branches but PG can make a really good impact by going for Solution 3 and amassing more goodwill in the process.

Looking forward to seeing the changes soon! :slight_smile:


This is PGs MO. Everytime a new thing is released, the total prize pool goes DOWN.

Cynical? Deliberate? You bet your ass.

@PGJared @PGCrisis care to comment?


You did amazing work here :clap:t2:
Thank you for pointing this
Now I doubt that I’ll go for this rider
Sitting on 22k pearls and hate getting them in chests
I think it will be useful for those,who gonna put second rider on second perch
But I’ll agree with you,that I’d be more happy with tokens,same as most ppl i guess

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Agreed. Prizes are getting less and less worth the painstakingly earned sigils with every passing Season.
I almost got Tanok myself, thank you for pointing this out! Egg tokens almost halved, only 33 mystic fragments, and thousands of embers and shards down, for like 1k pearls. Do better, PG.

If you think 3.3M Rune dust is more than a drop in a bucket, wow, you are in for a surprise…

The other stuff, meh :man_shrugging:

Edit: Yup, you are in for a huge surprise re: Rune Dust

3.3M was better than 300k I suppose, but still not anywhere near enough. I started really playing just after they stopped adding rune dust. I now have 4 mythic runes and glyphs with levels 5, 1, 1 and 1. I could really use a 20M dust drop somewhere to actually upgrade those…


What’s hysterical is I still needed dust before they dropped the amounts in the seasonal branches. Oh well.

Well with the free runic bonus chests gone I don’t really expect to get any new mythic runes outside of season lines. I’ll just cherish the two good ones I got.

Oh and I didn’t even think of the mythic base rune I have, that’s level 1 too of course. So 28M here please, and then 7M for every new season line too…

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A lot of us still need Pearls but 1k is useless for most players. My next perch upgrade is 3k and it took me 2 months to get enough pearls for the last upgrade.

I was shocked when I get epic drop 100 pearls
100 Karl!!!:woman_facepalming:t2:
A)I don’t need them,so it’s just a waste of chests
b) if I need them,what I supposed to build with them? My perch is super low but already requires almost 2k pearls

So if we are getting them in prizes,id love to see better number :expressionless:

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