Elemental Embers

There are too many towers (including the totems) that require elemental embers to level up. Fire turrets need fire shards, ice turrets need ice shards, but fire flak, dark flak, ice flak, and totems need elemental embers to level up. If you have all of these towers it is incredibly hard to collect enough embers to grow the towers, let alone try to decide which tower to apply them to. There must be a way to separate these towers and/or make different embers for each tower like the fire and ice turrets.

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The only concern I have is the

Because I worry that will further dilute chest contents and maybe even make things worse?


On every prize tier and various chest drops there are fire and ice shards. And, as it is I have 2 of fire/ice turrets each of which I have about 40k of shards in the bank. There are only so many turrets you want on your base to make a good mix. What am I suppose to do with all these shards? What if the prize asked you which shard or ember you would like to cash in on? Far fetched I know, but it would make a lot of people happy I’m sure.

I guess I misunderstood and thought you wanted them to make fire embers and ice embers but I think I understand you to be saying use fire shards for fire flak and ice shards for ice flak? Someone (maybe more than one) suggested that in the past and my memory was there was a concern that because everyone has so many of these shards, we’d all suddenly be facing maxed flak towers and throw the game out of whack.

Not sure beyond that.

I guess I didn’t write that reply very well. I would keep the shards separate. What the game needs is different elemental embers for each flak and totem. Right now there is only one kind of ember for 4 different towers and there are more on the way from what I hear. It makes upgrading very, very hard.

No worries, then I go back to my first reply about diluting chests. Imagine you only wanted to upgrade an ice flak but only got the new “fire embers” or some other ember that you didn’t want. It would make it worse because it’s an additional currency.

Like when fire turrets came out, PG wouldn’t let us just use wood like all the other towers at the time. I think it was an effort to throttle back the player’s ability to instantly get maxed towers and have everyone flip out about their dragons getting massacred.

I like your idea of choosing type you want but agree it likely will not fly.

Only suggestion is to start with one type and max it for your level. I’m just creeping into the 200 range and I only have a dark flak but it’s maxed and really hurts most dragons.

What we need is an increased drop rate… 300 embers doesn’t do anything for us as opposed to easily getting thousands of shards

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Different embers just means more things needed and more hoping you get the right type of ember you want when it’s already hard enough to get embers period. I’d rather (as has been suggested/ignored) costs of, for example ice flak, to be something like this:

100 embers
200 ice shards
300 embers
400 ice shards

I only have 1 flak of any element and still can’t even afford a 2nd one. Sucks


Elemental Embers are considered a premium currency which is why I suggest to carefully choose one Flak type tower and level it as high as you can before even considering to build other towers that need the same currency.

Build smart, build up, not out.

(I agree on the chest dilution of Ice/Fire shards but that seems not relevant for your problem)

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Building one flak at a time does seem to be the most economical way of leveling up. However, in this ever-changing world where the dragons are evolving with new and more powerful spells, you are forced to have every kind of tower (especially newly designed ones like the ice flak) to keep your base up to par to defend adequately.

Not true. Having fewer towers but at max level will be better than continuously trying to switch around your tower theme and building every new tower that comes out.


Did you opt to not get an ice flak then? I do have a short base, but like I said, in order to get the best balance you need to adapt to changes in the game.

I also just obtained enough embers for 1 full level 60 tower. Mine is currently at level 45, and requires 35k more embers to max it out. I have 40.3k in my possession right now.

And i’m in a fairly high league, medium player level, do well in events, but i’m a low spender (elite plus a one time $75 investment recently :crazy_face:) so i can’t imagine how long it would take a lower level to collect enough to continuously build 2 ember related towers.


What happens when they come out with other elemental flaks? Are you going to say, “oh well, I have my base setup and I’m not going to change it now.” With this philosophy you will get left in the dust my friend.

I will evaluate at that time :man_shrugging:

Ice flak is not a game changer. Especially at my level and at the level my towers are at. The bigger you get, the easier it is to change around your base every few months without leveling substantially.

You can keep changing it up buddy, just means you will level faster, store more towers and have a weaker base in the long run IMO :+1:


I respect your opinion. My max level is 41 right now, due to sapphire eggs needed for builder hut, so I am concentrating on one tower at a time. But as you know, every other build means another level for you. As you get higher in tower levels, there is no way to avoid this and I accept that. I am currently 227 and will probably keep growing faster than I want to but the alternative is to accept the level of towers that I have. I have 5 islands that comprise my base and I do not have towers in storage that are high. It is what it is…

are you following a breeding path? That seems kind of high to be waiting for sapphire eggs I think? I just got my first set of 4 garnet eggs to level my hut then flak and mills,farms,storage, etc…

Assume you know that maxing storage and base buildings add less xp than combat towers?


I‘ll also be somewhere around lvl230 next weekend and will build lvl52 towers. My base consists of 2 islands.

I suggest you follow some of the base building basics and find yourself a proper breeding path.

Here you go with some useful guides:


Can we merge ice, fire and elemental fragments into one currency? I certainly don’t need 15 fire towers.

Why don’t fire flaks use fire shards? Or ice flaks use ice shards?



Thanks for the guide information I’ll check it out. Yes, i’m following a plan but have modified it a bit so I can level up my divines as needed. Probably not how you are suppose to do it - rely on fate too much.

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