Elemental Mayhem should affect flak towers

This has been discussed before and @PGEggToken has given a word in old forums that elemental mayhem will affect flak towers.
This point has been raised by @Lutrus in Upcoming Balance Changes and the link to the old forums provided by @forScience .
I felt there is a need to raise a seperate topic as it has been buried as one of 683 posts (presently ) and needs attention as this spell is broken.

Please fix this .

Edit: tagging @PGPulse
Edit: After @forScience input, If it is working as it is supposed to, please update description of spell.


As far I knew this E.Mayhem is the most lousy spell and i don’t know how it works ! seem likes not functioning at all on elemental tower.

It is definitely not useless! If you have a fire turret as one tower, it one shot kills most of other towers around. And Fire turrets, Lightning towers, ice turrets and storm towers start attacking each other! As flak towers are elemental, it should also affect them!
Then it will definitely be viable option as one flak tower shot can kill any tower of same or even decently higher level considering its shot power.

There was later

So does that mean Flaks are not elemental towers?

They are elemental, just that elemental mayhem’s description is outdated and inaccurate (as of flak release), based on what PGJared posted. The spell doesn’t show up often and can be finicky but was fun to use. It would still be nice to at least get the description updated.

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Woot! Nice post! Also, to be fair, @PGEggToken’s post was made when dark flak initially came out. @PGJared comments were in a much later thread, and after the two responses he made, someone brought up eggtoken’s words and never got a response.
Since other spells are getting the rebalancing they need, it seems rather opportune to see this spell see the revamp that was intended when dark flaks came out, to help lower levels especially, since Amarok is no longer in his former glory since DF was introduced.

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