Elemental resist and rider boosts

I did have a search for this under elemental resists but came up with nothing.

Does elemental resist get boosted by resist boosts on riders? I am almost certain that it doesn’t as I swear this has been discussed before but I cannot for the life of me find it.

If anyone knows for sure or can point me to this elusive previous thread that would be great

It doesn’t get boosted. I believe rider boosts do work with the adaptive resists, where you can toggle on a specific resist, although I don’t think I’ve seen anyone actually test that one out yet. But the rider boosts certainly won’t work with elemental resist.


Thank you. I was almost certain that was the case but it’s always worth double checking. Much appreciated. Unless anyone has anything to the contrary then this can be closed

EDIT I am getting disagreeing answers from elsewhere. While I do believe the above answer is correct. Could anyone else that knows either way confirm as well.

The in game screen is saying it does apply.

Yes, it is correct

Elemental resist can’t be boosted at this stage

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