Elements for dragons on bases lower than 31



Here is a question that has just popped up in my team. For the bases lower than 31 the dragons do not have the elements shown in the thumbnail pics of the dragons in the roster.
Does this mean that for bases they don’t have elements ? And they don’t need to match dragon with the same element as the island for temple raid ?


can we see the screenshot please? because i don’t think what you are saying is normal. right from lev 1 elements are supposed to be shown


No, elements unlock later on. There was an earlier thread on the forums about it related to quests.

In regards to the OP, I’m not sure how this works with temple raid… they can try referring to dragon-manager.com, though to see if it makes a difference.

Edit: Here it is; it’s to introduce things to the player more slowly, but there are other things that conflict with that now…


but dragons in red tier have elements :see_no_evil:
ridiculous as always :expressionless:

thanks for the info


The hidden elements of the dragons still mattered for quests last time I was on a low level account. It’s just a dumbing down of the UI, I think.


Here is a screenshot of an account that is 21


Well this is problematic, especially with temple raid starting on Thursday. PG should really do something. Is the element of dragons not able to be seen anywhere? Sorry, been awhile since I was that level.


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