Eligibility Issue

Wondering if anyone else has had this issue: We had an inactive member that did NOT contribute towards quests or the event (hasn’t logged in in days), yet an alt that was brought in still remains ineligible.

Main problem with Area 51 is, you don’t know who will be kidnapped.
All you know is that someone will be kidnapped.

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The error message I receive is

“You are ineligible to participate in the current event for this team because the maximum of 50 players have already contributed points or participated in Team Quests in the event for this team”.

Except that we know this to not be true. Is it that one person’s progress locks all 50, or does each person have to lock themselves in?

Officially PG does not make any promises for swapped players once the event Island has shown up.

Most likely you have an incorrect assumption, but it could also be a bug. In either case it sounds like you did swap a player and you therefore fall into a place where swapping players during that time is “at your own risk”.

If you are hoping pg will do something about it, I’d bet against that. If you just want to understand better, more research and experimentation would be required. I can tell you I’ve done it several times without issue, but I always assume it might cause an issue. I can also tell you that a few times I had someone ineligible and they probably shouldn’t have been, but unless you have access to other peoples accounts you can’t really be 100% sure. Just because it shows inactive doesn’t mean they didn’t logon at all. And just because they have no points in quests doesn’t mean they didn’t earn progress towards one.

You are in a bad spot. The only real way to combat issues for random players is to make sure everyone has points in team quests before you boot anyone. And even then, swapping players is at your own risk. (Locking in everyone else should limit the issue to the new player only)


You may hug, you can boot.
But not both.

The reason I have such a hard time believing we were at the 50 cap is that we were at war during that time (warred before island showed, war finished this afternoon). So they logged on, progressed towards a quest, stayed listed as inactive, as well as not doing their attack.

At this point it may just be my trying to understand around the frustration. Thank you.

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