Eliminate Healing Potions and Reduce Healing Times

Healing potions are a limiting factor on lower-level players because lower-level players don’t have as large of a stock of them as higher-level players do. This puts them at an extreme disadvantage when it comes to combat. Conversely, higher-level players have too many healing potions in stock to be able to do very much with them; no player has the drive and stamina to burn through thousands of attacks in one sitting.

Healing time as a general concept could also use a rework, especially to accommodate this suggestion, should it ever be implemented. It could be scaled down to around 10-30 minutes per dragon, something like the way seasonal divines are currently set up, or something similar to Ember. If a dragon completes an attack without dying at least once, said dragon would have no healing time.

Total elimination of healing potions and reduction in healing times would be fruitful for players at every stage of the game, and would be healthy for the playing environment overall.


I understand where you are coming from… but I love my potions haha.


Looks like a solution in search of a problem. I don’t remember potions being an issue ever. Reducing heal times on red and purple dragons would be sufficient, but not necessary.

They’re a very clear problem for beginning players because those players don’t have the massive stockpiles that higher-level players do. It’s unfair for them, and totally restrictive. It’s easy for one to dismiss a problem that doesn’t apply to oneself, but we have all been in the position before, and I can almost guarantee that you have as well. That’s why the system has to go.


I can understand it maybe a problem in some peoples opinion. But they are beginners and the beginning tiers are designed to have short cool downs so they can fly often. At red I could fly forever and never needed potions. As I grinded and played more and opened bronze chest I had no issues flying who I wanted and when I wanted. In my opinion there is no problem, maybe they will let you trade potions one day for something. But good luck on your quest.

Ok. But why? How would just removing healing times altogether be a bad thing? Dragons cost enough to unlock.

There are no downsides to it. It breaks nothing. It makes nothing worse. And it removes an irrelevance at best for some, or a real sticking point for others


That doesn’t excuse the existence of healing potions and healing times, though.

Then you were an exceptional beginner, which is nothing less than honorable, but the barrier still exists for the broad majority of beginning players. :slightly_smiling_face: — It is one of the first impediments that a player has to face in this game, and is quite a damper on progression.

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I love them cause I can fly who I want and when I want. And you’re entitled to that opinion, good luck in changing the game PG created, I mean that sincerely.

Thank you, I understand what you mean again. I hope you can convey what you want to who you want in the game.

And removing pots so we can fly whoever we want whenever we want stops that how?

Now that is a fair point. PG is well known to pick some pretty anti consumer ideas and hold on to them for no reason that helps the consumer

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I’m not opposed to the idea. I’m simply saying I love potions and why. They have been apart of this game for years. They are to reward those that grind and spend I think is the idea behind them. Giving an advantage to those that play tons and spend. Simply removing them isn’t something I see PG doing. Just being honest here.

I would prefer to have them removed too. I remember the times when I couldn’t fly at all from not having healing potions, or being restricted to flying Ember only every 2 or 3 minutes.

The concept of waiting for dragons to heal hurts new players. It’s meaningless for long term players who have thousands of healing potions. The game would be better off without healing times. That’s my personal opinion, not an official PG opinion obviously.


Elimination of healing potion and reduction in healing time is bad. (except if the reducton is so big that the maximum isn’t more than a few seconds)
Elimination of both healing potion and healing time is the good one.
Imagine that all dragons go into healing without any option to speed them up

Healing time also cause problem for dragons not in roster, especially if we need to switch riders / set consumables.


You need to be more sneaky. :joy:

Could you suggest that all dragons tier - 5 dont need healing pots?

I believe pots are an intentional gate to restrict game time.

I know it sounds counter intuitive to restrict play time but from a psychological point of view it makes people look forward to doing something even if it is inherently frustrating so its supposed to work like a long term player retention hook.

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That would require a viable objective to set the hook which they do not have :rofl:
Let’s talk about fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish::pray::rofl:

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I always was crap at fishing!

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Come on over to the third coast……
I’ll have you catching trout and red fish in no time :rofl:
I often sit on the end of pier and fly my dragons while I watch my fishing pole :crazy_face: :fishing_pole_and_fish:

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I definitely remember having to constantly forge potions at lower level. It definitely was an issue but this was years ago when there was no Atlas, no trading posts and less event branches.

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