Eliminate Mega Coins from Crystal Caves

Mega coins are a currency utilized by a vast portion of the active player base during major events. Such a feature has numerous benefits (both for oneself and for one’s team), though several notable drawbacks also take effect. These drawbacks typically take the form of exploitation, when a sample of players belonging to the opposing team (B) makes a compromise to launch a barrage of mega coins into the system in an attempt at skewing their progress immensely from Team A, ultimately discarding any chance at competition. This is an unfavorable approach, for many manifest reasons. A team should not have any leeway to impose this level of exertion upon another, such that they cannot compete until everything is cleared and reset, and this is precisely which opportunity opens up as long as mega coins are available in the Crystal Caves event.

Mega coins are theoretically unnecessary to have in Crystal Caves due to the x10 point multipliers. Having them at hand in an event limited by health restrictions, and one which has something that is already available to benefit the player in point accumulation, produces both preposterous and catastrophic results. An extra benefit should not be given in an event that provides a benefit as a part of its inherent structure, so I feel it is beyond reasonable to advance the suggestion that they be eliminated from the event.

Furthering upon that point, the x10 multipliers provide ample support for the participant, as well as for the completion of a crystal; in a hypothetical scenario, it would only require a couple of players on a team to expend all of their multipliers in order for a crystal to “break”, so there really is no need for superfluous mega runs when normal multiplied runs are sufficient enough. Benefits are only as good on both ends if limitations are placed so that they cannot be abused.

I think the coins should at least have a cooldown or heck a limit per round.

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You may remember that when the event was first introduced, the white crystals were mega coin restricted. The outcry was overwhelming and PG listened to the community and took away those restrictions so this feels like we’re going backwards.

I, personally, don’t have the kind of time to sit and grind supers to make my points once I’ve completed the 10xs so an event that completely restricts megas will have me running to the exit.


Sounds like the event and really the whole event cycle is being perceived as burden of play………
Go figure…… :rofl:
I can’t say I’m surprised :man_shrugging:
Yep sad short term events quickly become a chore when they are d@m near the sole source of a players revenue!
We might want to consider looking at improving drop density to actually improve the value of our time not only will it reduce the grind of this antiquated event cycle but it would improve player retention and help with various other issues like recruiting. lol
Because the only other option is to mega coin the burden of play away…….


The point system in this event sucks just fix it.


I used to hate megas, but now it’s all I use. I’d leave in a hurry if they weren’t a thing. Don’t get me wrong what happens in this game is kinda moot for me anyhow (I hope it survives and grows) as at the end of the season I’ll pretty much be done with the game. Or at least the competitive side of it. I am currently only active so I don’t bring down the team and want to complete this season. Afterwards I’ll move on to wherever. I’m sure I’ll still log in from time to time but definitely not nearly everyday.

The game requires a ton of time to be truly competitive (which I’m not really that competitive even though I have end game dragons and towers, most of the time required is spent in atlas) and I’m tired of it feeling like a job to play a game.


I used to hate megas and wouldn’t be caught dead using them.

Now that I did the draconian chest thing, I’ve got plenty of energy packs and IF. If the PVP event sucks (which they all do if we are honest with ourselves), I log in once per round, drop a few megas, and repeat the next round.

If they (PG) restricted megas during a PvP, that’d probably be a 0 points event for me. Bad enough some of the crystals are restricted to specific dragon types (Invokers :face_vomiting:).

Or maybe I’m realizing that despite all of the improvements PG has made in the last few years, nothing has really changed……and I shouldn’t be playing WDs after all.


I agree that mega coins can be used to quickly gain advantage and claim the 200k prize.

However I’m loath to use anything other than mega coins in any pvp event :frowning:

For me its just a time thing. This event already needs so much time that I don’t have.

I’m not sure how it could be fixed.


Same! I remember grinding basics before megas were a thing and I hated them when they first came out. I don’t know how I had the time back then. :joy:


I hate the PvP events, they all are incredibly boring and repetitive. Mega coins are the only way to reduce the boredom. Easiest way to get rid of Mega couns is getting rid of all current PvP events.

Aside from this in higher leagues it will be difficult to use you 10x multi unless you have an incredinle roster of drags and riders. Megas are the only way to score in those conditions.


Can someone please direct me to the math on the 10x multiplier.

Doesn’t matter what you have time for though.

Its about the game and balance.

i don’t have time to learn hunters…say…lol…shoud warriors then be made viable to compensate?

They are there cause PG need money and they are quick and in some mini games can be OP in their effect.

If the money players like them they will stay like all things in mobile gaming most likely.

The vast majority of the money comes from a very few players in most models. This one not sure how much comes from atlas elite but judging by tower levels the big money can be seen in the bases not the ftp/etp bases/dragons

Just treat it as 10 free IF each


When I have IFs and energy I use mega coins just to have these boring pvp events done quicker. It’s enough time I have to spend for the daily regular stuff to do here like egg missions or gold runs (when I have Atlas elite, don’t want to loose the gold to PGs favour by not collecting all for the day :joy:).

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I pretty much always have elite seldom collect more than half these days

3 runs i think yesterday and 5 today just to tedious…

These are all plausible arguments. Perhaps the issue isn’t in the mega coins, but in the low amounts of crystal health that allow for mega coins to strip the crystals of all of their health in such a quick manner. There certainly is an issue somewhere, because it is capable of some obvious form of abuse (when in combination with the multipliers). A number of restrictions are placed, and only so much can be done, but I retract my suggestion.

@moderators you can close this thread now, please.


If one has the patience, you really get more points for your buck the weaker your run is. 20 single runs with 1 inner will be vastly more than 1 mega.

Now I personally try to only use supers on this event due to not wanting to blow all my RSS away because of the competitive nature. I am not a spender and will not buy megas from the store.

This event comes down to how many more players on a team can mega bomb at the beginning. And even with the blessings of Draconics, I still find it to be a bit much with a 4 hour rotation.


This is why the game is going under. Nobody wants to grind anymore. They just want to blast their points and log off. I would much rather run supers over megas. More points, more chests, less inners used. These events force you to mega to win, which should not be the case


Guess you’d rather have the game dead then ……

I wouldn’t mind. I’ve been trying to quit for a couple years now. The game lost too many fun players who valued good fun competitive mindsets instead of now where it’s let’s see who we can disband next.