Eliminating multiple attacks on same primarch in Atlas

I would like to propose modifying the way Atlas attacks on players are executed. Currently multiple people can all launch an attack on the same target and it is a race to see who finishes first to get glory. This is even more frustrating during attempts at large scale attacks on a fort in atlas. When everyone has to attack the garrison through the menu screen everyone keeps attacking the same target until it is dead resulting in countless fruitless attacks. Two days ago I had three screens show me I got Glory and killed troops, yet nothing registered and support came back and said someone else beat me therefore the victory screen is in error. Making the Atlas feature very difficult to enjoy

Can you not modify the attacks order so once someone cues up and attacks the target the next attacker gets the next target down the list versus continuing to attack the same target. This could apply to two people attacking each other and racing to see who wins first too. The first attacker gets to finish then round two starts. Otherwise it seems that if multiple people all attack the same target a grouping attacking bonus should apply that evenly splits troop loss among all attacks and Glory in the same manner.


To some extent, this is a problem that can be solved by team coordination. There are some disadvantages to preventing multiple attacks on the same Primarch (sometimes it is necessary, and it could be used as an anti-strategy if someone got an ally to attack them with say a single troop to “protect” them from other attacks).

The issue with this is when you have 2 hitting same person in garrison. It will boil down into who finishes first

The problem is…if say 10 of you hit different targets…3 min ordeal. If you have to queue up for this…30 min process. Pooled garrisons would fix this. :man_shrugging:

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And this will fix the 1 troop exploit

Allowing people to choose garrison targets would help. When attacking primarchs you get to pick your target so team coordination solves repeat hits. With garrisons this is not currently possible. You can open up the list of troops in the garrison but the attack buttons for the different people who have troops there don’t do anything. You can only attack through the wheel menu or primarchs tab or which forces an attack on whoever in the garrison has the most troops. That means a single person is attackable at any one time

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Good idea.

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