Elite acc help needed

I recently redownload War dragons, my acc is grandfathered since I made it in 2015, but I never made a pocket ID. Since it was on the same device, my old acc connected so I made a pocket ID to save it. I had the old rubies for elite acc option so I used it; a few hours later and the option went straight to real currency. Is this because I created a new pocket ID and it considered my acc new not grandfathered?

I assume the rubies for elites option is still available since it worked for me until I made the pocket ID.

I’m not sure … I don’t see why it would since you are still using your old account and not a new account. Have you tried turning off your device and opening it again? That has worked for others. :rose:

I tried that as well as redownloading the app but it didn’t worse, though I suppose I did figure out the issue. The rubies option only shows up on iPads while the real currency option only shows on my phone.

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