Elite Account Reinvention Ideas

Main-game elite accounts in their current state don’t offer very many stimulating benefits to the consumer. Some of the “benefits” that it grants aren’t really anything to write home about.

Current benefits are as follows:

  • 2x breeding tokens from the Zeppelin Mission Balloon
  • Dragons able to level 75% (0.75x) faster than without an Elite subscription
  • Upgrade two buildings simultaneously
  • Resource boost (+50%) from Sheep Farms and Lumber Mills

The purchase screen will say that it’s 1.75x faster that a dragon can level up with an Elite Account, but 75% is actually 0.75 in decimal form, unless the math was factoring something else in that made the product that they came up with 1.75, in which case it’s excusable.

Perhaps the only benefit of that bunch that players are liable to find fruitful would be the egg token boost. The object of this post is to explain (concisely) why the other benefits are fruitless and to advance suggestions on how to improve the concept as a whole.

Flaws and All: Why Elite is a Flop

  • 2x breeding tokens
    • A nonissue; these were on the mark. :white_check_mark:
  • The ability for dragons to level 75% faster than during non-Elite-boosted attacks
    • With the existence of XP potions, the changes made in late-2020 to how dragons accrue XP, the supplies of +100% and +200% XP boosts present in the game, the presence of wisdom runes and glyphs (which admittedly have lost their demand over time for the majority of higher-level players), riders that grant XP boosts, and a couple of other factors, this 75% boost in XP that the Elite subscription grants its consumer is greatly outweighed and serves very little benefit because of it; this feature is a deadweight.
  • The ability to upgrade two buildings (or “towers”) simultaneously
    • Conceptually, this sounds like a pretty decent exchange for the money spent on the account upgrade. However, the fact that you’re essentially making the same progress for the same cost in timers (and quite a taxing one at that) renders it nothing more than a shortcoming. This aspect would strike a much better note if it actually addressed the strenuous grind in the higher-level range, or actually worked to make tower-leveling a more convenient process for Elite Account holders overall.
  • More resources (+50%) derived from Sheep Farms and Lumber Mills
    • Sheep Farms and Lumber Mills deplete pretty quickly. When the much more conventional option to hunt for resources (instead by launching attacks) is available, the resource boost from Elite isn’t as primal. Food and lumber packs are also in great supply, so with this and everything else in effect, resources and their availability aren’t a major crux on players.

How to Raise the Stakes: Suggestions for Improvement

A few of these suggestions will be changes to current features, while others will be additions to the upgrade as it is; it should be easy to distinguish between the two as you read through them.

  • Incorporate decreased building time or a greater discount.
    • One problem with Elite is that it allows for two towers to be upgraded concurrently, but it doesn’t do anything to address the actual upgrading and player-leveling process. This feature would serve to ameliorate that by actually applying an effect that abates that grind, rather than layering on top of it in a way that is both meaningless and unrewarding.
  • Allow for two concomitant buildings to be leveled at the cost of one.
    • Merging costs of towers sounds much better than simply leveling two of them separately.
  • Change the x2 tower-leveling function to a single x2 tower upgrade. (One upgraded tower grants double the XP that it would normally grant.)
    • Whereas the previous suggestion merges costs, this suggestion merges the XP that is gained as a product of the upgrading function.
  • Make rubies more available outside of events with an Elite Account versus without one.
    • I can envision this being fulfilled in two viable ways: increasing the amount of rubies that drop from monuments between events (to something like 20), or building upon the now-defunct Ruby Mine.
  • Increase the amount of player XP that towers give per level, namely past tower level 53.
    • Tower levels past level 53 follow a vapid trend of conferring the same quantity of XP per level, which is the core aspect that makes leveling as a whole so much of a grind. A boost in XP per level would fix this.
  • Reduce the token cost required to follow through with research.
    • Currently, research is far too expensive; so expensive that the vast majority of players decide it’s best to forgo the entire operation. Players would feel more predisposed to research benefits if they knew that they weren’t hitting a wall in terms of breeding dragons and climbing higher up the ladder versus stopping to build upon what has already been obtained and merely preparing for what’s to come.
  • Lower the amount of time it takes for one item in the forge to be available for collection.
    • This was just a bonus feature I thought of; it would especially be nifty as a means to cut corners on those really drawn-out items such as the 24hr and 48hr expedites.

Atlas Elite Idea

Initially, main-game Elite was going to be the primary focus of this thread, but I hatched an idea on what could be added to Atlas Elite (although it’s fine the way it is):

  • Allow for gold reserves to be protected.
    • Gold is a highly valuable resource for Atlas players, and I think that it should have some form of protection, much like food and lumber does in main-game.

I agree Elite Account might need some revamp and which is why at the point I am , not renewing mine at the moment . But let see what you’re trying to say here .

True about the xp boosts but there are people who care less about the xp missions , so I dont think PG should remove the ability here , this particular ability is not hurting to have , especially if the new players can’t have a full roster to start the missions and level up dragons .

This actually makes sense the only time I remember using two towers built at once was to save my lumber but it is not very useful at the moment , you use expedites to finish a tower which means you don’t have to wait to build another . This feature was useful in the early game where timers were like a needle in the hay .

I’d like to see this changed instead into a -5% construction time bonus , you pay for an extra .

This can stay is very helpful , I can feel the difference in between “elite times “ and “non elite times” .

Not sure this goes well in my book tbh , I would find my solution above to be more doable and less risky not to break stuff .

If I recall correctly this comes from people in early game using rubies to buy elite , I dont think they will make this happen again tbh , but I were them to revamp elite I would definitely keep it monetized .

Hard NO, on this one , if more xp on discounted towers low level players would end up getting their base leveled up with no actual strong base . Your suggestion makes sense as a boost but doesnt go well with the leveling curve here .

Okkay this also makes sense to me , research is indeed very expensive . But I’d rather see Zeppelin balloon be buffed . I dont know , mixed thoughts on this tbh .

Fantastic suggestion this one , love it , it has a more diverse effect on crafting multiple items . For example I craft evasion spells all day non stop :see_no_evil:.

Ok thank you for putting this together , there is a while I have been thinking to make a post like this but havent had time to sit with all the patients I have and one thing leads to another I keep forgetting . I will say some of your ideas are not what I’d expect from pg to go in that direction but some of those made perfect sense . I’ll make a post below to how I see the new Elite in my pov :handshake:


New Elite Proposal

  • 2x breeding tokens / timers from the Zeppelin Mission Balloon
  • Dragons able to level 75% (0.75x) faster than without an Elite subscription
  • -5% Construction Time bonus for building new towers :new:
  • Resource boost (+50%) from Sheep Farms and Lumber Mills
  • Make Gear/ Items crafted in Forge forged in 50% less time compared to Non- Elite :new:
  • -50% Dragon Healing Time

Skeptical on this one :point_down: but here goes nothing

  • Make Research cost 10% less compared to Non- Elite :new:

( not sure this goes well their research costs , they dont really chase a mathematical pattern to be discounted , which is why I am still debating on this one )

Ok this is what I see as probably the revamped new elite :facepunch:

@PGYohn you might wanna read the posts and comments here


how about elite account allows balloon mission to grant us more options?

balloon mission rewarding electrum bars, elemental embers, fire and ice shards maybe?

i dont mind if pg removes other bonuses that come along with elite account e.g. 2 buildings to upgrade at the same time, more food and lumber as we are given lumber boosts during fort now anyways

other than those i dont really care

and increasing exp from buildings affecting player level shouldnt be touched

if two bases have same towers without anything in storage they should have the same player level imo


This isnt a terrible idea either , I kinda like it . Not sure is technically doable for them seems like needs engineering but I like this idea too , eventhough I expect the numbers to be tweaked down to balance , however it offers diversity for the player base and definitely making that elite account more appealing .

Not bad exploring ideas here , like what’s going on here :raised_hands:


All great “ideas” and we need more of those so maybe something will stick to the PG wall if we throw enough!

I Although I wish they would focus on basics and fix the black screen of death I get when loading event every third time or the fact that I have to claim prizes 12 times and keep going in and out of game to do so.

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It doesn’t need to be a percentage. Just 1 or 2 fewer eggs on each level of research would represent a significant perk, especially in later tiers

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I like the idea of the ruby mine becoming active for elite… allow to forge electrums, embers or turret shards similar to the forge - have 5 slots available to be opened and use wood to pay for the forging of these consumables.


I’d much rather a 5% building discount vs. being able to build 2 towers


And what if there are a few different kind of elites?

We have a free one in the game, don’t change that one, but add new elite accounts with other options, these elite we buy with bucks.
If people don’t like the above at all, add a vip system were the buyers with bucks getting the vip points for increased rewards when the vip lvl increase.
The vip system is a old system that bind players to the game, its getting used by a lot of other games, why doesnt PG work with this?

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We have an elite that’s free? Without the account being grandfathered? That’s news to me. :flushed:

And VIP idea was brought up before and iirc was turned down as it would deepen the gap between p2w and not.


You pay it with 4k rubys, as i dont have it, i not know how long it last for the 4k rubys.

Alas, that was for people who had accounts prior to the current owner of the game taking it over.

Tbf, I’d probably pay 4k rubies for a year of elite as that’s about in line with its value

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So are you actually looking at replacing our ruby elite option for all the old timers? Or will we see benefits as well. I do not feel we who played the game from the outset should be penalised because we do not spend hard earned cash. Several of us still spend with atlas elite, as troop building is effing hard without it! Yes there could be more to what an elite account brings but don’t penalise those that have had this since BitPig days before PG took over, it is a minor perk for the length of time we’ve played and the many changes we have gone through / suffered.

Two things:

  1. Being a veteran player does not mitigate the necessity for the Elite Account to change.

If you’ve been around for a long time and have the privilege of purchasing Elite with rubies, that’s your honor to keep. However, just because you’re an older player doesn’t mean that change is any less necessary.

  1. The changes are to the features of the upgrade, not the currency that is required to purchase it.

Your option to purchase with rubies will not be affected because it’s not the currency (money versus rubies) you use to purchase it that will be affected by this. If they tweak the features of the Elite Account as a whole, why would old-timers be precluded from that simply because they don’t use money? Everyone with access to an Elite Account would see the changes made to their subscription contents.

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Yes the old core group, and those who took a old account from a friend, have those benefits, with the 4k ruby’s for a year elite.
I started this account mid 2017, so no i do not have the early core group benefits.

You will never ever see me say they should take that elite option out the game, but gives us (those who need to spend bucks on a elite) a improved one that we buy with bucks, or implent a VIP system were I get by several spendings better benefits or a other bonus, when i spend the bucks for a elite.

PG didn’t care last time this was brought up.

They will continue to not care.


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Unfortunately i knows them, i have messaged this outside the forum 2 years+ ago to them…

Ok well then I am pleased to hear that as it did not read like that to me thank you. I would not wish to be penalised in not having the same upgrades for elite because I purchase with rubies as opposed to purchasing with cash.