Elite Atlas? What’s that?


Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I have to say this pack is good value and squarely targetted at grinders.

Whales won’t bother doing their runs. To maximise benefit of this pack, you need to do one run every 1 hr and build troops. If you miss it, it’s gone forever as hats are capped. So this is a boon for grinders like me - I can now target 70k troops built this week when it would have taken me maybe another 6 months (due to atlas season etc) to actually build up (no atlas season this week).

Like Mech said, buy one once in a while, I suggest just before prime upgrade event (most gold intensive) and use the extra gold to upgrade your primes, research new ones, open that third slot whatever you need.


1 run every 1 hours :slight_smile:


Oops :exploding_head:

Changed my estimate for this week too - I went too big :rofl:


And we all move more to line because f*** that idea :wink:


looks like you have too many timers


Plus spend 4 hours of timers every hour. Even with teh troop build times cut in half, this is where i see the choke point.


You get more than enough every event. Unless you’re 300+ and need every timer you can get. I’m happy to just cruise along with my levelling.


Thas a lotta gold in dem der hills.

Hope it doesn’t throw things out of whack


I figured it out! The reason for this “elite” for the new primarchs. I bet next event is primarch training. They knew with the current situation noone can afford to do both primarch and troops. I’m liking this for sure. I did more runs than I would have so play time has gone up. I can’t help but to think about when it is gone. That is going to suck… :frowning_face:


No, you going to a bar and spending $5 for a beer that you drink in 5 minutes means you value beer differently, by both buying crappy beer and failing to savor it.

With this move, PG is making this game more expensive than a subscription-based MMORPG (i.e., WoW, Everquest, etc.). $5/month for Elite, $20 for Atlas Elite, total of $25 per month to play the game and not even competitively.


I’m so tempted to write a post in the suggestions forum about how PG should just start charging a flat fee per dragon attack. $.10 per dragon, in addition to healing potion and attack/defense boosts.


It is a good value.

But I will not be paying for it.

The game should be balanced at its core. “Elite” things should be an advantage, not a necessity.

Also, the timing is terrible. Release game-breaking, super expensive new toys, and then give everyone a taste of what they could have… For just 5 bucks a week.

As I said earlier:

No thank you.

But I will use the free sample.


Ahh… Manny’s Pale Ale is far from crappy beer my good man. I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself around Puget Sound. As for failing to savor it–the second can be savored–the first is just a thirst quencher so, chug chug!


You assume that everyone who purchases atlas elite will be purchasing it every week and this is something I highly doubt. I bet less than 1/3 of players who will regularly purchase atlas elite will purchase it weekly. I know I won’t and neither will pretty much anyone I’ve talked to about the program. It’s good bi-weekly at best. Even if it does cost more than a subscription based MMORPG, it doesn’t have to since the game can be played for free so if you don’t like the cost, don’t pay it.



Grinders would come at you with pitchforks and torches!


So is everyone happy already throwing more money towards PG?
Or is there any hope left to push for crafting material payouts from poachers being boosted aswell?


Troll alert!
There will most likely be a new
“Atlas Shard Elite”
coming out with the land release.

Honestly though I am still holding back and hoping. I believe atlas elite has value but it should include increased materials.


I think Atlas Elite is the single best value for money purchase the game currently has (including being better than normal elite)

I’m confident they will still tweak it a bit to include some sort of shard bonus multi and perhaps scale the gold one back a little


Off topic: Aaaand she’s back! (go to the where’s Gox thread…)

On topic: Shard payouts in events already increased 3x. I think next season will see some new things to allow easier farming of shards.


So my week of Atlas Crack, I mean Elite, just ended.

I REALLY wish they would do a similar pricing structure vs length of Elite similar to the regular Elite…like REALLY REALLY wish…and this is coming from a mostly E2P player…just saying PG…hope you are listening…$4.99 a week won’t work for me. Sure, I can buy halfway through the troop event and have it for 1/2 of 2 events, but still…come on!


Is it just me or is the event elite gone now?

While it would have been expensive, stacking the event elite during troop building with atlas elite would have made getting all the prizes rather easy.

Just something I noticed. It doesn’t affect me, as I have already decided to buy neither. Although, I may occasionally get the atlas elite if my revive pool is filling up faster than I can empty it. Maybe. At this point, it’s more about the principle of the thing for me.

PG refuses to fix things. I refuse to give them money. The next move is theirs.