Elite gear crafting chance lower than 5%?

I had read somewhere the chance is 5%. I had been crafting a lot this season but either I am very unlucky or they throttled it on the server side. I noticed the drop rate is way under 5%.

I would like to ask the community what’s their experience.

Also I would like to know if PG is obligated to disclose the drop rate like they have to with chests. If any PG employee can clarify this topic it would be very welcome. Because it affects people’s choices when claiming rewards.

Please use the search feature. The table is huge and it uses bounded chance. Which just means when you complete the table (people theorize 1000-1600 drops long) you’ll get 5% elite chance exactly. But there’s a slump of 110+ crafts where there are no elite drops.


In other words, keep trying


It does appear to be slightly less than what legendaries were prior to elites becoming craftable. I get elites but it definitely feels like it’s less than what I got for legendaries.

Maybe I was just in that lull :man_shrugging:t2:.

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