Elite gear crafting gone missing

Has the drop rate for elite gear crafting been shafted?
Half a dozen of our team have not had any elite drop for the past few weeks and all have been crafting nonstop.
Please advise!!!???

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You can search the forums for other threads like these, but what it boils down to is “Yes, you can still craft Elite gear,” “No, there haven’t been any changes made to the crafting rates,” and “There are dry spells in the rotation of gear crafting - keep it up and you’ll get Elite gear again.”

On a personal note, I know I’ve gotten three pieces of Elite gear in the past week, so it’s definitely not broken.

Basically, keep at it, you’ll get it eventually.


Yeh I did search but most relevant topics were closed and more than a few months old.
It just seemed very strange that a few of us who know what we’re doing haven’t received any elite for longer than we all thought we should have.

I just got an elite ice chest last night after 1 try. It also took me over 100 tries to get a set of elite fire pants. You just have to keep trying

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I got only 1 elite gear for a month already.

When the elite crafting was first introduced i got 2 full sets of elite in one night. Now it’s once a month if I’m lucky and consistent

As others have mentioned there can be weeks between two elite crafts, aka dry spells over 100 crafts sometimes. I’ve been crafting my last Dark defensive pants for days, only rares and a few epics… But I’ll get it eventually!

I too felt like I get way fewer elites when crafting then I previously did although I still get them. I understand the table but over the past month I have gotten way fewer and craft 4 pieces at all times.

I definitely feel like it’s slowed down and that’s overs months and months of non stop crafting. I do still get some but the last three months it’s definitely slowed down compared to the first 6 months.

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A little on the frustrating side to craft Elite gear but you are correct…

Thanks all for the replies. I know there can be big dry spells so was just wondering others experiences lately.
I crafted all attacking sets within a few months after elite was released and until now hadn’t gone for the defensive set. I’ll keep going… maybe the universe is telling me I’m going for the wrong element :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Y’all lucky I cannot access anything on atlas game will close every time I uninstalled turned off power and turn back on I don’t know maybe it’s a file that isn’t being downloaded I don’t know what it is

Dry spells happen. I recently went 76 pieces between elite. Didn’t seem like the proper rate to me either.

I got 1 finally! Whinge and win :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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