Elite Gear drop

I’ve crafted the same gear like 50 times and haven’t gotten a single elite gear.Is it common or am i the one suffering from bad luck or smthn


Geez man start salvaging those lol!!!
There is a long stretch in the cycle without the elite… it’ll come.


It takes weeks :joy::joy::joy:

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yea that was just me bein lazy lol

It takes waaaay more than that :rofl:

As with all PG sequences, these things come in spurts. So keep crafting and you’ll find one soon and then a few will come close together.

50 times? not too bad. I ever had one elite piece that 130 times.

I keep my gear til I get an elite, then I salvage them. I did this to keep track of how many pieces I had to craft to get an elite. My highest was 141 pieces. On average, I found that I had to craft 120 pieces to get one, then the next two or three would be within 2 - 20 pieces. Then it goes back to 1xx pieces. It’s a vicious cycle.

Hope this helps.


Very critical to craft one at a time. You’d hate to end up with two elite shields.

Better to craft 2 different pieces at one time, not just one at a time in general

I can’t change the drop rates, but this should be less difficult with the next client release. I’m working hard to get the first version of my new feature into this release, allowing the use of timers to speed up crafting and upgrading gear instead of only having the option to spend rubies.


Woohoo! Yay!

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That’s wonderful to hear! Using timers would be so helpful

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