Elite gear not dropping?

did someone manage to craft elite gear? i just tried 140x, 10k scrolls, 16k rubies and not a single piece. shouldve averaged 7-8 according to the 5% drop chance… looks fishy to me…

can anyone confirm a drop?

I got one today if that helps…

I got 1 yesterday and total 3 in the past week ish

anyone after craft event started? just tried another 40 times without success…

I got 2 elite dark rings back to back a couple of days ago. Yes they’re dropping

The crafting event has only been going for an hour. That’s a pretty small amount of time to get an elite piece unless you’re either lucky or wasting rubies.


I got 2 in a row yesterday. Don’t know if mech finish the new drop sequence before he stop playing :face_with_monocle:

I am not getting them either…
With 50 crafted.

I just got another piece of elite on my main after event started. Had one piece left crafting when event started and finished off with rubies.

I got one piece in last few weeks

The last two i got took 103 and 121 crafts respectively. Not great.


Thats sounds about normal for me as well. Finally got one yesterday. My alt accounts seem to do far better than my main account.

I only upgrade gear during crafting. However I have crafted full sets of elite offensive gear for every element since they made it craftable. Just got to keep crafting nonstop until you finally get them all. I have noticed there is a very long dry spell where no elite drops from crafting and then i will get several in a short amount of time. Just gotta craft through the drop table until you get to them. Be sure you dont craft the same piece in a row because I have seen them drop back to back before.

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I just got one.

I dont craft during craft event :face_with_monocle:… I craft non stop outside of event as I have a couple hundred thousand scrolls :woman_shrugging:

I strictly just use craft event to upgrade elite and now mythic pieces of gear only… :grin:

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I complained about that earlier, it is not dropping, I got a really rude response so I gave up , I’m tired of trying

Considering the thousands of people who are getting elite gear it’s quite clearly nonsense to claim it’s not dropping.

Now it may well not be dropping for you. That could be because you didn’t craft enough, like not even 100 pieces. Also could be extremely unlucky. Also could be a bug. But just claiming it’s not dropping while it clearly is, without substantiating your claim with something like detailed logs, will not get you taken very seriously.

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i tried yesterday 200x without a single piece of elite dropping. when i woke up the next morning 2 pieces were finished on their own and woopie both were elite… fishy indeed

My anecdotal experience is very long barren periods (as much as three weeks crafting 24 7 without a single elite drop) followed by two or three in a row. So maybe that’s just how the sequence is structured in certain places.

I’ve been forging the same two gears for about a month now, 4 times a day. Finally got an elite drop for one of the items yesterday. On Friday, it will be ongoing 5 weeks for the final gear.

Just takes patience, but they are dropping. I have better luck during crafting event and the few days after it ends.

I craft non stop between crafting events, on average i will get 2 elite pieces during that time but I keep 3 different pieces in the hopper at all times (I’m not attached to any specific piece enough to bother with dead time between crafting the same item). I don’t have the shards to level up more than 3 each crafting event usually, which is enough to max the event … always playing catch up it seems.

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