Elite season vs crafted elite gear question

Hi guys

Just have a gear question that I can’t really seem to work out.

Basically when you craft defensive gear each piece has a alloyed tower that it seems to corrosion’s to like say the dark flak karuki or red mate shield…

The elite gear in the season branch just says elite void shied +40% etc. It seems to intermate that it’s blankets all towers in the perches radius.

So my question is… Is this just a difference in wording or do the different pieces behave differently?

Thanks a bunch in advance Discussions about War Dragons that don’t fall under other Categories can be posted here.

I may be wrong but originally they may have been planned to work on specific towers but it was never implemented (or was changed).

Now, the gear affects the hp or attack of all towers in the perche’s influence.

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In the past gear type used to be tower specific and affected ALL types of that tower no matter where they were on your base.

But PG changed things a long time ago so perches only affect towers in their own specific perch radius. The language is leftover from the time before the change to the current system.

That old system is why I believe @mechengg chose to do ice as his defensive gear type, because it affected his base the best.

I started defensive gear after everything changed so I went with fire since it’s the lowest available element for a mythic lineage warrior.


I think the only building boosts now are the lumber and food boost rings


It’s pretty much just naming and icon appearance. Void (for dark element and nothing past that) is just part of the non-existent RP stuff you’ll sometimes see in-game.

When crafting defensive gear, you have additional options, so just make sure that you’re crafting what you want (e.g. don’t go for the woodsman ring if you want the damage stats).

PG should really rename stuff accordingly. :slight_smile:


waiting for B-series Offensive gears

Other than the name and secondary shard type for upgrading, they’re the same.

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