Elite Status Change

I have a older account and could always Ruby Elite. Now even though I was Months ahead my Elite status is gone and I can no longer use Rubies to purchase elite. Nowhere had this is been mentioned. This needs to be restored and fixed !!!


This has happened in the past and was always a mistake that was corrected. I hope that is the case now.


I hope they will fix this


Support tells me they still honor ruby elite, but will have to send in a ticket for them to renew it for me. :man_shrugging:

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I am not shocked at the ham fisted money grab


They are so reliable I’m sure that will work great

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It’s not just people who’ve have it grandfathered in either. People who’ve bought it with $$ seem to have had it spontaneously disappear even if they have plenty of days left on elite

Think there’ll be more info available about this soon but due to another change to Elite, trying to buy Elite with rubies could cause a crash, so we’ve disabled that option until we fix that crash in an upcoming version. We’re sorry this happened and we would have left it alone if it wasn’t causing problems.


Hi, Do you have a record of time left that players lost?
Will lost time be reinstated is what I’m checking on. Ty

I believe we log that, yup, and should be able to reinstate it, but we think Elite time being lost is a separate thing that we’re still looking into. If people can let me know when they noticed it happening or any other relevant info, that’d be great.


Is there any info on what changed with Elite that caused this issue?

This has been fixed with latest update.
I spent the Ruby’s for a year of Elite just in case it goes away.
Was gonna buy a few years worth, but it’s too much commitment for me.

do you mind me asking how much it is for a year bought with rubies? always been curious.

7 days is 350
30 days is 990
1 year is 7900…

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oh dang :flushed: thanks for curing my curiosity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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