EliteWarr1ors calling all Players!

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Looking for More active players to climb the ranks and take names!!
LFM – Gold II – EliteWarr1ors – please over level 50, lv 70-80 preferred 😁


Language: English Please!
Time Zone: Doesn’t matter :grin:
Played time: Must be active
Age Range: Doesn’t matter just No Kids.
Elite Account?: Not required !
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon: Must have started Gold atleast
Line: Required please


Tired of jumping around not finding a single friend? Look no further you found us! We are a team who believes strongly in Loyalty and Respect. We War often and require Participation in Wars and Events, additionally we are focused on Going to Platinum League but we will need your help :grin: Join for fun and experienced Members a team you wont forget Elite Warr1ors is looking for people like you :eyes: ! Will be Happy to have you :slight_smile:.

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