Embedding Neon WD to ingame wiki

@Morreion are you ok with us - and possibly other teams - embedding Neon WD to ingame wiki?

Your content, so I figured it would be polite to ask.
In any case, thank you for the site. :nerd_face:

Sure, the more people see it the more useful it is. Feel free to embed.


Cool, thank you, that is very helpful.

How did you do that?


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<iframe width="100%" height="500" src="https://wd.neon-wonderland.com/">

TBH, I don’t rightly know what happened. I just experimented with iframe and… BAM! It was there, all of a sudden.

Maybe the trick was using https. Go figure. :thinking:


Thank you so much for your site!!!
Very useful, great work!
This Dutchie is using it a lot :grin:

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Ty so much it works

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