Ember cancels attacking raid

Anyone else have this issue?
When I’m going the full ember as I call it (egg mission grinding) so I only have ember in my active roster… if I join a teammate’s raid or attack say as second dragon and swap out (or die) it cancels the whole attack.
It doesn’t let the 3rd dragon fly…
I have to try quit the run in time if I see them getting low health…
It’s just really annoying!

Yes, if you only have one dragon in your roster and don’t finish the run it will cancel the attack. Either add a second dragon into your roster, or keep Ryuu in your roster permanately to avoid causing this glitch. (Ryuu doesn’t count for egg missions.)

Its not my attack though - I join as second fly and it ends the run if player 1 dies then I swap out.
There are still the lead flyer’s 2nd and 3rd dragons to come… seems a bit stupid to cancel the whole run ??

If the second attacker only has one dragon in their roster and they don’t kill the base 100% it ends the run, acting like the main attacker has no more dragons (whether they do or not). It’s a glitch. Or as we like to call it, it’s a “feature.”

Like I said in my first post, if you don’t want to ruin your teammates runs, make sure you have 2 dragons in your roster when you join them. Best bet is to get Ryuu and keep him around since he doesn’t count for egg missions.

Yeh its a stupid glitch I guess!
I guess I’ll just have to do my own rss raids when those ones pop up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: or just abandon them… lol

If you’re not hurting on health potions, you can always throw an extra dragon into your roster for the rss raid ones :woman_shrugging: that’s what I did when I ground out egg token missions. But this season I’m trying for Pathox so I need to save all my rubies for that purpose (so no speeding missions) and I can’t afford the egg token bonus (not 100% sure I’ll even make Pathox in the first place, but I’m going to try, damn it) so it’s not really worth spending rubies to speed up the missions anyway.

Good luck with pathos!
I’m definitely not swamped in heal pots… and haven’t had to get ryuu in since they fixed the swap/quit glitch recently.
I do swap in a proper drag about half the time and abandon the mission the other half. I guess I gotta make sure the lead kills the base if I sneak on for those rss missions :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’m at the back end of sapphire getting second garnet next breed and hopefully a 3rd too… it’s all about the eggs for me atm. Don’t think Ive even done an invader run for a week!

It was reported months ago, but it looks like it still hasn’t been fixed :see_no_evil:

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It is not on the current road map to fix glitches…

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