Ember Costs and Drop Rates

Upgrading to a level 85 flak tower need three ember upgrades of about 12,500 each. A $100 worth of gold chests during construction event only yields about 12,000 embers. So with current drop rates, PG seems to be valuing an ember upgrade at about $100 or $300 to get each flak tower from level 80 to 85. Is this sustainable? Seems like ember costs should be lowere or more embers be made available in prizing. There are no ember prizes in Atlas. Most valuable resource in game.


I’d argue that timers are the most valuable thing but embers are a very close second or maybe even they go hand in hand these days. PG said they would “fix” both over 6 months ago but no real action, no response.

I’d say we are in part to blame. Look at the tens of thousands being spent every day during this event. Why would they “fix” something that nets them millions of dollars in just one week?


Each half a year we get 5 extra levels for towers. So, there are two seasons to collect ember.
It’s possible to get 3 branches in a season. Assuming that not everyone will want base boost - those will be dragons and riders. Each such line has 12k of elemental ember. 3 lines - enough for 1 tower. Two seasons - two towers. That is not considering the ember that you can get from 1) team prize in Fort, and 2) gold chests during Fort. 3 branches each season gives about 350 gold chests, so even if most is spent on PvP, part could be open during Fort. If you really need more ember - take base boost branch, so extra 12k from there.

So, if you are active enough, without spending you should have enough ember to upgrade 3 flaks - typical kill island from dark, ice/electro/fire, earth, which is not bad, from my point. If you want more - you are welcome to spend :slight_smile:

UPD: it would be good, of course, to have even more ember, but question is “how much you think is enough”. Current amount of ember, at least, allows to avoid spending if you have strong short base.

We get closer to 10 levels each half year, we’ve grown 25 levels since the 60’s of obsidian dragons. Your estimate of 4x12k per season is very reasonable, but that’s not enough to maintain two flaks, let alone three.


I had put a fair bit of thought into things before adding my third flak… I over estimated and I spend a little above elites…

We get closer to 10 levels each half year, we’ve grown 25 levels since the 60’s of obsidian dragons.

During last half a year it was just 5 levels, so I was considering the current state.

I was going to write that current 5 levels contain 3 upgrades for ember, and next 5 will contain 2, so slightly less ember needed really, but then it will cost more - as the price grows with each level, so even if before 80/85 it was enough for two towers + part of 3rd, soon enough - somewhere after 90 it will be hard times to maintain even 2…

6 months ago we had Mythic Vanguard Dragons. Level 75 towers. Unsure how you deemed 85-75=5 but who am I to judge?

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Looks like I missed when the level become 80 then :slight_smile:

Nvm, will not get enough ember anyway, it seems :smile:

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I’m sure there is a group of people highly impacted by this, although how you have the timers without the embers, I couldn’t say.

For me I’ve gotten about half my base upgraded, and I have about enough remaining to finish the other half. (Which means I’ll have extras by the time I’m done buying timers in future fortification events)

Interesting thought on the ember economy. What if pg was originally noticing lots of people with so many embers they basically figured there wasn’t a shortage, and enough feedback occurred that they realized the people with extras were building the biggest towers and in order to fix the problem they needed to make higher levels cost more (which gives you more points, not sure you noticed but the ember levels at a certain point are worth less points than the lumber levels) And basically what if increasing the costs for higher level towers actually helps the ember economy for most everyone not in endgame towers. Probably not the case but it seemed an interesting thought. I don’t seem to have a shortage, but my supply will by dry come 90 towers.

:whale2::whale2::whale2::whale2::whale2: problems


Timers are “grindable” in atlas if you farm glory and collect the prizes and do well in the events and only ever use diamond to speed up atlas stuff.

Only until you max the season and the events.


Max all of the things.

He who quits with the most maxed things, wins.
(Malcom Forbes reference)

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Timer is grindable. As for the amounts, not sure if it’s comparable to grinding egg token.

It’s by grinding bronze chests (0.82h/chest)


True, and I guess you can grind about 80 chests an hour at max speed? So about 65 hours per hour of grinding, or nearly 3 gold chest’s worth.

Quite a slow rate compared to rubies, which can grinded at about 4000 an hour, which equates to about 13 (breeding) gold chests. That also eats something like 500 rubies, but it still feels a little more effective than grinding bronzes.


Just to expand on this 1 step further…

Every 29 bronze chests gives ~ pvp resources as a gold chest
Every 1 gold chest you shift to fort gives +3.15 hours
Broken down per chests it makes each bronze…

0.82hr + (3.15hr / 29) = 0.93 hrs

The max I calculate it to be is ~58/hr (if you know a faster way plzzzzz teach me)

Even at a high average of say 50/hr

50 * 0.93 / 24 = 1.94 days / hr

At 4 hours per day
5 days per event
50 chests per hour

4 x 5 x 13 = 260 hours

260 * 1.94 = 504.4 days farmed per season :sob:


Mine was a wild guess, I happily accept your number.

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it got me all excited :upside_down_face:


170,985 bronze chests. Or roughly 356 days of grinding nothing but chests for 8 hours a day every single day (no time off) and assuming you get 3 chests per run at 3 mins to complete it which is a bit too generous.

So you would need 10 hour days or more to do your other stuff, missions, quests, Atlas, farming for RSS for a year with zero breaks. Grindable? Not in any real sense of the word…

Want to hear something super sad? My clan leader said my taunter was worthless on defense until I hit at least 450 because it won’t even slow down the guys who snipe us.

So even if I dedicated my ENTIRE life to WD for the next year and maxed my 10 defensive towers and farms, I wouldn’t make it. Still not useful. The other option would be to buy rubies and open gold chests during Fort. $6577.00 US dollars to hit level 443. Maybe that go fund me ain’t a bad idea?