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I just had an idea in the way of evolutions for dragons instead of making the only way to get the evolve pearls (like for the Ember dragon), why not have several quests for each evolution. They aren’t limited or time sensitive but they become available for the dragon master when they hatch the egg, this can be applied to any of the dragons with special requests or requirements. So instead of the reward being food or lumber it would be xp and the requirements. Just a thought, I’d rather play the game for the requirements than pay for them…maybe that’s just me.


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For Ember’s Warrior brother Ocre, we had the first implementation of Team quests, but the Dragon was honestly not worth it.

About Ember, many people will tell you that it’s not useful to level him up, leaving him lv1 or lv6 is about the same. You need him for his Death Gaze to kill high level farms, you don’t need to pay for evolution stones. You’ll outgrow him quickly and regret the money you spent on him.

About future Dragons who’d evolve through quests not limited in time? Why not?


Ember is the only dragon with pay-only evolution stones like that. I don’t think it’s worth adding a whole new thing for that one dragon.

As for Ember, it’s not worth getting the stones except maybe the purple (for cloak), you will outgrow him in no time and they get ridiculously expensive past the first.


The scar left by the “Ochre incident” still hurts… I was in green tier back then, and really liked that dragon.
Let’s not dig up the backyard (if you want to read about it, be my guest).
I like the idea of evolving lineage dragons, but without the involvement of the team achievements (@Kardul, not the quests.). That didn’t work back then, and I doubt it ever will…


Oh right. That’s what I meant :sweat_smile: Team achievements. And it was a joke :unamused:


Oh, I don’t know about that. I chuckle when I sand a high level base and come back with Ember unboosted to finish it off includling those higher level farms (44+).:rofl:


I like this idea.
It however shouldn’t be available via the season menu, that was the problem with Ochre or whatever his name is.
I’m imagining the typical quest menu like “build a ballista” that is always available and never goes away.

Would be a fun way to bring that menu


About what? Of course Ember is one of the most useful dragons in the game, no debate about that. But buying stones is useless as soon as you pass orange tier, which is a matter of weeks. Everything good Ember can do he can do at purple.


That would make some people happy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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