Ember level 1 twin for egg tokens grind

Hey all, i’m one of the victims who leveled up ember lol So i’ve found another red tier dragon which is quite decent for egg tokens grind. So what i did normally i’ll remove all my combat towers except farm and mill(can’t be put in storage) and put KASTOR only on my roster. I use either MicroDoc, Chunjang and Minetron9582 for novice egg token mission. Hope this tip helps some of you :slight_smile:

He has quick heal time like ember

All common red are, if you don’t level them pas breedable level (lv 4)
Good luck pitting Kastor with ice turret followed by lv 10 storm…

I don’t think ppl hit lvl 10 towers for egg tokens grind🤔

Check out the bases i mentioned up there, all lvl 1 towers but you gotta be careful with destroy X towers on rival base since Kastor has no Death Gaze like ember. For that mission I’ll use MicroDoc

IIRC, microdoc has one lv 10 storm tower in the middle…
You must get past it to kill the others…

My son mess up my Ember. He level my Ember to level 6. It suck now I has to wait 6 minute per chest farm run.

Can use Lockdown for that.

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lvl 2 bolt has 2 minutes healing time and death gaze

I might already level. Thank you. I need to check him out. Hope it still level 2.

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