Ember purple evolution stone


How can I get ember purple evolution stone?


Ember is best left at L1 for the short recharge time on a death gaze dragon, but if you’re set on upgrading, this blog post covers it for those who’ve already bred a Legendary Green:

*Note: If you have already obtained a Legendary Green dragon, but still wish to evolve Ember, you may obtain a stone through the following means:
Purchase a Value Pack of equal value and then “Contact Us” via the in-game Help menu to be granted the stone.
Purple = $4.99
Blue = $19.99
Orange = $99.99

Ember Evolution

You buy it in the store with real money. Just search ember in the search bar. There are several posts asking the same question.


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Can be discussed here, please complete a quick search or view the suggested posts before posting.

[Ochre and Ember evolve stones?]