Ember Reset Proposal

Hey everyone, [Maybe this has been discussed before but the issue is still there…some people get their ember’s reset. Some players don’t - unfair!]
I’m proposing for PG to reset all lvl 2-6 embers back to lvl 1. Yes, for everyone!! Lvl 1 embers are so much more efficient and useful than lvl 2-6. For those who have spent money on the Evo Stones, those won’t reset. After you have Bred a green Legendary, Lvl 2-6 embers will automatically reset to lvl 1 and will not be able to be leveled again. This is for new players who haven’t spent money for evolution Stones. I think this will make a majority of people happy…as well as myself. I find it unfair for players who accidentally press the “train,” button to lose so many advantages with a lvl 1 ember. For those of you who say then don’t level it up and don’t make the mistake of accidentally leveling it up, everyone is prone to do it sooner or later. When trying to train a different dragon and u accidentally hit ember and train. PG has reset some player’s ember back to level 1 and rejects others…this is unfair.
Give everyone the option of de-leveling dragons. It will cost food (this food doesn’t count towards points in a feeding event). This option also allows higher level players to try attacking tough bases with a lvl 1 Hau, for example, to improve their skill.
Anything I missed? I don’t see how this could damage the game. Open to thoughts and critiques…
Happy Holidays To Everyone!!
Wait…or could you give players the option for the Christmas gift: Ember Reset OR Consumable Prizes (as normal)


from what I know PG has never reset anyone’s ember before and they don’t do that.

I know that they have reset embers before.


Would love to have my ember reset to lvl 1 but I already contacted support and they said they don’t have the facility available to do this. All they can do is roll it back to a previous backup *I think

Why would anyone want Ember level 1? What am I missing?

super fast healing death gazer. Good for XP runs

6 second heal time, death gaz can kill max towers, makes it perfect for egg token grinding.

Logs in in two weeks to find the 30min heal time on ember lvl 1… How could this have happened?

/tinfoil hat


Let’s just keep our tips and tricks out of the forums👀

You will make PG fall for this idea :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:
Don’t do this…

I think it would be awesome if they did this. Lvl 1 Ember is a great clean up dragon if you missed a few mills, or if somebody swaps to you and you dont want to run one of your others for one beat down tower.

This will take extra work on the part of pg, so some compensation might also be fair.
Id imagine allowing use of the purple evolve stone in reverse would be a bargain at 4.99, and be a nice thank you for pg’s efforts.

I made this mistake while playing tired after a few hrs of grinding. Tried to train Kinnara, and somehow Ember ended up at lvl 2.
And then for added salt in the wound, after training, Ember is moved nicely to the front of the roster, and nowhere near Kinnara. Grrrr, lol.
The very worst part is Kinnara, who holds a special pace in many hearts, now has a nasty black cloud over her, and is quite upset about this.
Please allow a method to remove the black cloud from my poor, sweet Kinnara. She is really bummed out about the whole deal and deserves better. I’m afraid she might do something drastic, like go crazy and burn the whole dang den down with ember in it. This could be really bad with Daemon and Klax in there.

In summary, what I would really like (and seems fair to everybody) is basically the option to trade Ember purple stone for a reset to lvl 1.


It is an option…they can reset embers bc they have done it for people before. Not going to say names…

No, just plain No.

Learn to deal with your mistakes as many players have had to.

Why should you get special treatment.


you really should say the name of those people.

because if you contact support regarding this, they will ask for their names to prove that there has been a case where they reset their ember.

Without proof that they have done something like that, it’s going to be rejected.

I can imagine a lot of people asked for their ember to reset back to level 1 when they knew how important the level 1 strat is, but was rejected.

I accidentally leveled my ember a few days ago. Figured too bad so sad for me. I won’t argue against a reset though!

I tried asking for one for my alt way back when… Didn’t work… :joy:

I tried asking the old helpdesk too several times to no avail, finally got a reply that it was unfair for people who already leveled their Ember that I would get a reset and called it a day… I know it happened to some people to have their Ember reset, @PGJared knows… :eyes:

What you may not realize is that this request goes against the grain. It also probably will have negative impacts broader than you realize.

Chest drop rates were put in place expecting players to level up their dragons. They are also adjusted based on how many chests are actually dropping (referring mostly to gold and silver chests here)

Heal times are also set based on the expectation of players actually leveling their dragons. (Who knows they may monitor and adjust heal times periodically too)

While I don’t think it would be considered abuse to intentionally not level ember or similar, I do think it would be considered an unintentional mechanic, and if too many people were going around getting too may gold chests, I can guarantee it will result in a global decrease in gold chest drops to take the new reality into consideration. It might also result in level 1 healing time being upped…

So you see, what you ask for is a no-win situation when you ask for it for all. On an individual basis I can think of one method of asking that is likely to work more than 50% of the time, but I doubt you will get any results asking for the purpose of getting your heal time and chest drop rates up.

There are a lot of aspects to this game where you cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube, and they are by large intentional. You can only combat this by educating yourself and being careful. Be on the watch for this type of dragon in the future and don’t mess it up on the second try.

One day u might accidentally hit the lvl up button :joy:


Yeah the normal intention is to lvl us dragons and the heal time gets longer. So chests aren’t Designed to be gained this way. I won’t argue with that and there is a 1/100 Chance that PG will listen. Did u read? I wasn’t educated about this but accidentally pressed the button. Many others have done this too.

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