Ember’s death gaze


I noticed that embers death gaze does not immediately destroy farms level 63… now needs two shots… I know it was never fair that a single shot would kill a big farm but i was surprised when i saw it today​:joy::joy:

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It depends on the level of the ember and the level of the farms and what gear they have. The description for Death Gaze isn’t “kills towers in one shot” as far as I can recall. It just has an insanely high multiplier so that it will kill “nearly all towers” in one shot.


That would explained it… maybe also had the base boost. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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:hugs: Glad to help. I recall the first time my lvl 1 ember couldn’t one shot a farm with death gaze… it was quite disorienting lol.

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other higher tier dragons with the same/similar ability can easily be used instead if ember doesn’t work

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Just lvl ember no need to keep at lvl1 any longer


It happened when i tried to death gaze lvl 77 farms and mill with two defenders. Hardcore hammer spams caused them to survive with tiny health. I have purple tier ember.

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Ember is a very situational dragon, personally I’d like to see his death gaze ramped up to function the same against level 1 towers as level 100 towers, but that’s just me. Ember has a special place in WD and he is one dragon I wouldn’t mind maintaining his usefulness for the duration of the game.


Lawson mentioned something about increasing its damage to accommodate.

IIRC, death gaze’s damage was increased in the past as there was a hard cap of 1 mil damage I believe.


Wonder how much time something like that would take… done over coffee?

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Not enough meetings.

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I like to use Apophet for this. In particular if there’s 1 tower left on the kill island (that’s not a mage) you can use his shield w/ umbral spike to kill it. He’s still one shotting lvl 80 farms for me


Isn’t siphilis, the grandson of Renard, also useful for that? The shield is short though

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No doubt there are other dragons to fill the roll… I just think that Ember is a special case and that to have him be so is actually a good thing.


Sylphen and Renard are both pretty permanent members in my roster :laughing:


I have Apophet in my perch as it has the rider loaded w gear… maybe i will change it once i level the perch… i missed out on Sylphen as i got Prospero instead… does Renard have umbral spike? I dont remember… prob should have it in my roster😂


Renard has: Umbral spike, Thunderstorm (I pretty much NEVER use this one), Dark Northern Lights (Shield + rage marks :heart_eyes:), and some resist that I always forget lol.

Personally I find Renard more useful than Apophet since no summon minion means Renard won’t unsand towers if you fly him properly :smiley:


The answer is so simple…
Put a rider on Ember(of course if you got one to spare) & some leftover gear you got laying around from weeks trying to forge a “legendary” piece of armor.

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Oh would that work too??? Perfect! I have so much crappy gear and like 10 riders​:joy::joy::joy::joy: but yes! I plan on putting Renard on my roster as well​:+1:


Plus Renard is super pretty :eyes: