Ember--- too OP for new players

New player here. Do you vets think that ember is too OP at lower levels?
instant destruction of any building in 2 taps
Ability(or whatever its called) destroys any building only using 1 rage segment
Lv5 ember completely destroying bases without help (other red dragons are at expert and even they can’t do that
Power level: 1.2k vs 200-300(other red dragons AT EXPERT LEVEL)

And the kicker: everyone has one…

what is the point of defenses if everyone(including me) can completely annihilate a base in a few taps?

When I was a lower player even though I read what Ember could do still didn’t understand it so no he is OP for lower players unless someone spends the time explaining it to them.

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It’s really fast to go up levels when you are new in 1 week or so you can get to bleu tier, so you won’t be using ember that much unless you buy it’s evolution stones. Beleive it or not but you will use ember a lot for a lot of this in a near future.


Ember has 42.6k hp and 8.4k attack at level 5
Kastor has 19k hp and 4.2k attack at lv 10
Frigg has 15.2k hp and 3.5k attack at lv 10
(all 3 are hunters for comparison)
Ember has 1.3k power while the other 2 have ~200

Ember is an epic/legendary dragon meant to go to orange tier.
See below a comparaison of an expert kinnara vs a level 6 ember AP. You’re still new to the game what if you wait a little bit and then come and cry how OP ember is ?


Ember is like getting a glimpse of divines vs lineage drags. You soon outgrow him, hit level 28 and his only use is efficient token missions/ farm killing :blush:


Oh dear god, leave Ember alone. Leave him alone. He’s fine and useful as he is. Enjoy him while he’s a competitive base-flying dragon of yours, then use him as a mission and cleanup dragon as you progress. He’s not OP—he’s useful.
Don’t turn this into this. :t_rex:


Lies… Lies… You will use Ember real a lot. Much more than any other dragon.
Even at red. Even at lv 1. His Highness Lord Ember…


Indeed… mine is even named LordEmber to let all the other dragons know how awesome and special he is.


what i am saying is that new players(including me) should not have access to a dragon that can wipe out a base easily…

Wax on; wax off, Daniel-son

It ain’t like it’s gonna be your one-stop shop killer dragon forever. It only goes up to orange (if you want to pay $125, that is). Just be glad you have a cool useful dragon like the rest of us and, well, get over it. Have fun instead of coming here to complain about it. :t_rex:

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He’s not OP, @free2kill showed how his stats go against kinnara. If he had cloak on red tier, and players would be able to fly hunters good straight from the beginning then he would be very good, still not OP though.

In Sapphire tier onwards though, he is one of my top dragons now. I named him “EggFox” :sunglasses:


Solo my base using ember please…


I meant by this for normal attack as lead etc. But he’s definitly the most useful dragon i got so far.

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Please mind understand than all we’re saying is that at he’s OP for the moment just wait to level up a bit and then get back and say he’s still op. I showed you than an expert kinnara is like 5 times what ember is.
You’ll see that at most of the start dragons can solo a base pretty easily :grin:

We should get banned “OP” word on forum :joy_cat:


what are you talking about, my base can shoot down ember easily

Never! I know you put farm killing but he sits in my roster for quests too. Nothing like 45 missions killing evas


He’s in mine too lol. By outgrow I mean his ability to handle bases your size :wink:

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