Ember upgraded accidentally


i accidentally upgraded him from one to three half asleep doin missions can this be turned back

Question about sigils

Unfortunately not😞


they can’t reverse it.


Lv 3 is much better than 6 :sob:


If you did it just now, do nothing else and submit a ticket to PG. Ask that they roll your whole account back 24 hours.
You’ll lose a progress you’ve made since then, but you’ll get Ember back.


i got over 20k tokens and what ever progress in the event do u think it’s worthit


Yep :joy:


Is this something they could do??




They should offer an unevolve stone for ember :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


RIP Ember



I misclicked and went from 1-2. Asked support for help and of course was told no. I truly wish there was a way to set her free and perhaps hatch a new one. Stupid mistake on my part.


I feel with you. Did the same thing, wanted to train Aibrean and accidentally trained Ember. But even at level two the cooldown is ok, if you don’t die.
When I get the 6 bases mission I get out Frigg, just need to put him back in Den before you get the next mission. Once needed to do 10.0 Million damage with Frigg, which is friggin impossible.


Strategic use of death gaze in that case. But I prefer saving those for war.


why does a lvl 6 ember red dragon take way longer to heal then a lvl ten kastor red dragon


Rarity affects healing time, I think?


you can use reverse on base 280 too


I accidentally did the same thing two weeks - meant to click out but clicked train instead while I was absent minded. I remembered reading before that people have have had rollbacks so I immediately filed a ticket and stopped all progress. BUT…support said no…unequivocally. :’(


I did that two weeks ago and support said no. Boo.