Emberburn79890 needs help

Can someone tell me why I can’t write help tickets for months. Please help

Are you following these steps to make a ticket?

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Yes I have tried that way and several others. My account is not working properly.

Tagging @PGJared and @Arelyna

Have you done the following and still can’t contact support?

Setting (cog icon) > Help > Contact Us > New > Write your ticket

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There is always an error when trying to create ticket.

That’s really weird! I am not sure why you are unable to create one in-game. I will make sure this gets looked at. In the mean time, you can submit a ticket via support.wardragons.com in a web browser (mobile or desktop).

what error comes up? You can provide it to Arelyna so that they can pinpoint the issue.

You can also what she suggested also.

Screenshotting the error would be most helpful! Thanks @Kenshiki

Anytime I try to send anything [image1.png]

Every since new event started game keeps freezing.


Could you give me a bit more info please? Also, if you haven’t already, please file a ticket and link me the number. :slight_smile:

I can not create a ticket due to you guys never fixing access in game for help. I have contacted you about this before and sent pictures. Now the problem is the game was freezing almost every time I opened it up. Fighting another opponent freeze have to close app reopen and I lose. Due you have any suggestions to fix this problem?

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