Embers/Shards/Pearls in seasonal rewards


I am excited about a lot of the changes to reward lines in the Springblossom season. I think season line rewards could be improved upon even more by giving players the option to claim embers/shards(ice/fire)/pearls based on the needs of their base. When you got to that point in the reward tree you could claim one of the three similar to being able to select which elemental shard you need in the Saito line.

As an example, let’s look at two sample players:

  1. High level player who has been playing the game 2-3+years. They have plenty of black pearls as they were in abundance early in the game. They are able to max build more than one elemental turret as they level due to higher XP requirement.

  2. Lower level player playing 1-2 years or less. Has a ton of embers as they are only able to max one elemental turret until they get higher in level. Unable to max perch rider benefits as black pearls are very hard to come by

When each player reaches the reward in the season line, they will be able to make the best choice that works for THEM. Player one takes the embers and player two takes the black pearls in this scenario while also allowing players to evolve as the game evolves in the future


I absolutely agree players should be able to pick and choose their prizes. :+1:


I agree as well.

As to the ratio of embers:shards:pearls, not sure if a 1:1:1 ratio is good or not.


It wouldn’t have to be, you could for example offer the choice between

  • 2000 fire shards
  • 1200 elemental embers
  • 700 black pearls

for one prize on the season line, or any other numbers deemed suitable.


Make it same ratio as current legendary drops :man_shrugging:


I was hoping to sneak in a few more pearls there, as I feel that ratio is pretty horrid :grin:


It is… :joy:


Perhaps double the pearl, and it’s all good…
(In response for same ratio as Legendary drop)


Lower all but embers rest are useless


Ice/Fire shards are pretty obsolete as I think even beginners are building flaks asap instead of wasting timers on turrets these days -or at least I hope they do-, but pearls are still needed except for those who have maxed all three.


Unfortunately you unlock turrets well before flaks and somewhere in there you need to start an extra tower to hit your levels. It can be a mage, but the temptation to turrets is high, and then you find yourself scrounging for shards to update them, because while the shards are too high for everyone else, they’re too low to keep a turret a competitive concern. (In my mostly-f2p experience) Then you can get any flak you want as long as it’s dark. Or go 10-20 more levels flakless to unlock the rest, which is not far in the grand scheme, but can feel like it in gold and at those levels. :cherry_blossom:

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That’s how I failed my first account. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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