Embers, sir, may I please have some more?

There’s an ember and shard shortage affecting everyone, but low-level players (45-100 or so) more acutely. Here are the issues:

  • Divine dragons (i.e. the only ones most people at low levels fly) are designed with elemental towers in mind, hence elemental towers are usually necessary to take them down. I can’t remember the last time I was shot down by something that wasn’t an ice, flame, flak, or lightning (still relevant, at my level).

  • The quantity of embers flowing into the game economy seems to be lower than what it was in the past. I only know what I can dig up via Google, but it looks like people who’ve been playing for longer are glutted with embers, hence them complaining that they drop during too many events, hence the embers in gold chest drop availability being eventually adjusted downward, to the current state, when they only drop during fortification and feeding.

  • Scrolls and legends also speak of times when there were such things as Elemental Ember Weekends, and times when fire and ice shards rates were too high. Apparently they also were part of point achievements during events, at one point? I’m not clear on the history here; perhaps someone can provide greater detail.

  • (somewhat addressable) Very few low-level players keep up with the changing contents of chests during events, hence they may not have figured out that the only way to get embers outside of seasonal rewards now is gold chests during fort.

The end result is that for the most part, almost everyone down here can hit almost everyone else, because divines bulldoze everything and very few people have towers high enough to stop equivalently-leveled players who fly semi-competently, even with optimized bases and defenders.

I’m sympathetic to high leveled players not wanting to get unnecessary embers (or shards), particularly as random drops, but the availability varying over time seems to mean that if you started after a certain point (summer 2017?), you will have a much harder time getting a defensible base.

Recommended fix: Reintroduce elemental ember weekends during fort events, or some “ember” (/shard) chests that people can buy for rubies.

Side note: Pearls also don’t exist. This is somewhat less of a problem because at our level, perches are not very valuable, but trying to level up a perch with those fancy legendary 225 pearl payouts is hilariously futile. My perch level is currently 4 tiers behind my breeding level, and I glare at the screen whenever the gold chest gods decide to leave some pearls of wisdom in my drops.


Um embers are rare. It’s typically ice, fire, and pearls that high levels have so many they can’t be used.

Yeah, I just saw the discussion about Ice Flak and the pictures. People who joined after the adjustments also have a shard shortage, so it wasn’t obvious. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, updated the OP.

I believe the shard design is purposeful. It’s meant to separate the whale class from the rest of us $100/month or less nobodies.

They’ll have kill islands with all 3 flak types and two mages. Won’t that be fun?


That’s the problem with balancing the game. The “old timers” have an abundance of the stuff and the “new guys” are scratching enough shards and pearls to even get by. Yet no one seems to care about the “new guys” needing stuff.

Just wait, coming to the store soon, shard and pearl packs for newbies…


No one has elemental embers… old new rich poor

I figure this is a purposeful gating mechanic by pg, not quite sure why its gated that strongly though.

I’d think they should probably unify their currencies to some degree

Ice elmental / fire elemental shards / pearls ----->>> all become “elemental embers”

Becomes one universal currency.

Much simpler, and gives players CHOICES,

Can have a once off conversion where say fire/ice elemental shards become embers at a set ratio (whatever ratio, e.g. 5 fire shards: 1 ember) - number is thumb sucked for illustrative purposes


Sorry, I am quite content not seeing every player over level 100 with 2-3 flaks on every island, which would be the result of being able to use ice or fire shards instead of elemental embers to build them.

But it simply widens the gap between spenders and non spenders. At least with the unification you will have more non spenders able to get flaks.

The game is being balanced around people having flaks all over their base - it SHOULD be available to non-spenders as well.


But they were more abundant in the past, right? Running out and not being able to further level flaks after they’re level 35 seems different from facing the same shortage from the start.

Shards are just as scarce as embers for anyone who started playing in the last few months, by the way.

A universal currency would be a step in the right direction, but the availability of these resources just needs to go up.

If you were playing in the fall season of 2016, Skarr’s line gave you a bunch of elemental embers. Nightshade’s line did not give elemental embers. I can’t even remember what was in Ebon’s line but I knew I sooo did not want him lol.

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And if you’ve been in the game long enough to remember when totems came out, everyone was complaining how useless embers and people would just waste them on totems for easy fort points.


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