Embers2Ashes is looking for some new players


We are looking to add 1 or 2 players to the team after current event is over.Right now we are in Sapphire but the plan is to get back to Diamond We have 20+ castles with a daily pay out of over 3k+ egg tokens.

We use Line App- Highly recommend to have and use but not required. As with most teams we do have a bot system in place for alerts and team use.

We require-

*Breeding Artisan or higher (550 or higher)

  • 8/8 Min for all players.

*5/5 team quests.

*Atlas active

*Team player

*Adults only please

Think we might be a good fit? email leader ore officer in game :facepunch:


Anyone whant to join we are a funn team


Because we lost some players but we are going up again

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