Emerolians Gold II is looking for 10 Active players


" Emerolians "

Language : English
Time Zone: it doesn’t matter
Played time: 2 to 3 hours everyday and can keep Active to Very Active status
Age Range: Mature enough to interact with other players.
Elite Account?: Not Required but much better if you have Elite account

Dragon Roster Includes: Any strongest dragon you have.
Highest Lineage Dragon:


We are looking for 10 active players that are willing to participate in War and event can score atleast 200 points in team quest and 15K and above in PvP event. We are trying to grow and get back at platinum if you are looking for a team that is very friendly please apply on email or search for the team Emerolians. We are happy to have you.

Happy Flying! :blush::blush:

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