Emojis for Android users

As far as I can see this has been an ongoing issue with the game for a year or more, and there is still not a sign of a solution. The last thread on the matter was posted around this time last year, but closed in January by PG-Jared.

And the issue is that we can’t see emojis in the game chat. No matter what is done to our phones.

I personally am using a Huawei P30 Pro. All systems updated, the game at last available version, the whole phone even factory reset at one point just to see what would happen. And I guess you already knew the answer… Absolutely nothing happened. I still can’t see those emojis.

This might not sound like a very important issue, but imagine trying to talk with your teammates, and 20% of the conversation is lost or even worse, you say something without adding an emotion to it, and it gets completely misunderstood.

Well, i don’t want to take this thing any further, but I really hope that you get where I’m trying to go with this. It needs a fix. And preferably before yet another year is added to the story.

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