Empyrean Legendaries - Side Breed Update

Greetings Dragon Lords, and Happy Friday!

In late May (about a month ago), a minor change to a Legendary Empyrean side breed was unintentionally shipped alongside a fix to the Mythic Empyrean backbreeds. This unintentional switch has caused some confusion around which Dragons side breed the others, and we will be implementing an update to revert the change today. This update will automatically be pushed to everyone’s game, so there’s no need to get the latest from the Apple or Google Play Store.

Unintentional [Current] Side Breeding Pairs

Parent 1 Parent 2 Breed 1 Breed 2 Breed 3
Valens Capulos Kaze Tuktu Valens
Methalex Evakhet Jotun Modrian Seraph

Intentional [Original] Side Breeding Pairs

Parent 1 Parent 2 Breed 1 Breed 2 Breed 3
Valens Capulos Kaze Modrian Valens
Methalex Evakhet Jotun Tuktu Seraph

Please note that the offspring breeds that are changing is Tuktu and Modrian, which were unintentionally switched between the two parent pairs.

For further context, a “side breed” can be defined as two Dragons of the same Legendary status and in the same Lineage Tier that breed fellow Legendary Dragons (i.e. not forward breeding to Mythic nor backbreeding to the previous Tier). Methalex and Evakhet originally side-bred Modrian, but due to the unintentional change in May’s update, they now breed Tuktu. With the proper fix in place, these Dragons will now breed Modrian as intended. Likewise, Valens and Capulos will side breed Tuktu as intended once the fix is live today.

Thanks for your patience while we implement this change, and happy Breeding!

Thanks to some watchful eyes, we realized the pairs were mixed up in the announcement above (they are correct in-game), that’s just been updated! :slight_smile: