Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


Please share your thoughts and/or ask any questions regarding the Empyrean Tier Legendaries in this thread.

Link to the full announcement:

The Empyrean Tier arrives to Conquer the Battle!
What do you think of the empyreans legendaries. Any videos available?
Tuktu game play what are your thoughts
What do you think of the empyreans legendaries. Any videos available?

I like how u guys added the design intent in there


wait… Capulos has no other rage spell so why does it have Rampage


I’m guessing to build up full rage for a follower after he gets rage drained and then drops on the kill island but I could be wrong. Maybe no one noticed there wasnt a need for a rage building ability with no rage using abilities or its just intended to be used for the healing.


The dragon missile thingy makes me think that the next round of towers will be missile turrets :neutral_face:



Isn’t Evakhet a beast?
I can’t wait to have it… in two years or so


Levelling requirements? :sunglasses:


Tier discount adjustment?

EDIT: Your announcement has 2-week-old media dates, typos or oversight?


Arelyna can we please have a answer to this question soon, thank you.


These dragons were originally set to release during the last breeding event but there was a delay.


I mean, technically

Continuing the discussion from Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread:

But that was then, this is now. :man_shrugging:t3:


Well realistically we should have an answer right now. It’s pretty important


True, same goes for leveling req’s for Emp.

Unfortunately this is pretty typical; lack of information players need for the long run, then someone asks in a media stream and it’s like they’re just seeing the question for the first time.


Cold Snap on Tuktu appears to function the exact same way as Crippling Chill on Pathox. Why was 11% of modified health deemed too powerful for a Mythic Vanguard but 14% of modified health not too powerful for a Legendary Empyrean against the exact same towers?

The Mythic Glyph for Pathox and Death’s Door only bring the damage up to what can be represented as 13.68% of modified health. It’s a lower percent of health as damage and this new tier is going to have much more health than Pathox. Towers are once again going to be two shot which leaves endgame in the same spot as they were post spell-scaling with the rest of the game eating a loss on their Pathox potential power. Can you at least be consistent?

Keep in mind Pathox was two-shotting max towers at 11% modified health. Even when the next 5 towers come out, Cold Snap is still gonna two-shot them. I really don’t get it.


So they had some head room for the shiny new tier without players crying, ‘Surt, Surt!’


Because Pathox can cast it while (white) cloaked :man_shrugging:

Just a guess - I have no inside scoop.


I’ve been waiting for an answer to this for months lol: Player Level Required for Incubator/Castle Level 14

Guess we will have to wait for the update later today.


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Level 360. The storage hut needed to build it can be built at 344.

Level 360 to incubate.

We’ve seen the questions regarding if we have plans to continue Tier-Based Discounting now that Empyrean Tier is releasing. Unfortunately, I do not have any information to pass on from the rest of the team just yet. We will keep the community posted as soon as we have more information to share.


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