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Please note that the Leech Essence matrix has been updated for ALL Leech Essence Dragons (including Evakhet from Empyrean and previous Dragons who know the spell). You can see the updated matrix here.

Version 4.95 Official Discussion Thread

Clarified the post. Had miscopied something.


No worries! I guessed right! Can we also build level 14 castle at 360?


Cold snap also freezes towers longer, 5 seconds vs 3 seconds.


OMG that’s level 93 :sob:


@Arelyna whats the radius on the freeze 3 tower of 5 tower


While you have to be 360 to incubate, what level do you have to be to get them to expert? In other words, will there be caps beyond 387? Please say no. :grin:


Translation: “Nope.”


I honestly think that’s okay. The discount gets you to the current 300 wall, at which point tokens take a back seat to timers. Further discounting would just make the 300 wall even worse as you drown in tokens.


I want to be drown in tokens; I’m really behind on research.


Depends whom you ask:

Top 5 big ticket player happiness initiative… :man_shrugging:t3:

Also, once the 300 wall is chiseled down to a large lump those tokens will become more valuable again.


So far this is what looks like is happening. Although I found that being advanced/capped in breeding the current discounting was no longer of help to me at level 250. So I would like to see the discounting take into account the highest possible progression, which would have assisted immensely in the climb from 250 to 300.


Is there any chance you could find out and update us one way or another before the breeding event begins tomorrow? Right now a lot of us are wondering when - or if - we should be breeding, because the price differences are substantial.

Sort of. The discounts are progressive, after all, so it’s important to know if they’re changed even if you’re not looking to breed empyrean dragons tomorrow.

Right now, obsidians are 10% off, emeralds are 20% off, and garnet-through-plat is 30% off. If they extend the tier-based discounts, harbinger will be 10% off, obsidian will be 20% off, and emerald-through-plat will be 30% off.

Me, I’m barely scratching 200, and breeding my second set of emeralds. I’d really like to know if the prices I’m paying are about to change.

War Dragons 2019 Player Happiness Initiatives

Nothing but 100% guess work here, but I suspect no discounts tomorrow at all. I would think they will keep things as they are for another round or two before discounting. They are not really trying to boost players up through the tiers but rather keep players from quitting when the mountain top gets too high.


Do you realize that tower discounts are part of this as well?


That was my point… should have been more direct.


This is true, of course. I originally typed in that caveat but thought it sounded superfluous.

The 300 wall needs to be addressed before any further tier discounts, IMHO.

Yes, that was lumped in last time, but most people seem to be talking about tokens rather than building discounts and so that’s what I was addressing. Either way, the 300 wall needs to be addressed more substantially than the bit of a bandaid the tower discounts gave, again just my opinion.


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Again. Two separate points. One is about a wall, one is about prolonged discounting as tiers grow. BOTH need to be solved as separate issues. Which they have already put as two items on the lists.